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  • Teletandem: Integrating e-learning into the foreign language classroom

    Cavalari, Suzi Marques Spatti Autor UNESP; Aranha, Solange Autor UNESP (Acta Scientiarum Language and Culture, 2016) [Artigo]
    This paper aims at describing the characteristics of a blended foreign language learning context in which a series of teletandem sessions has been integrated into the syllabus of an EFL course at UNESP (in São José do Rio ...
  • The Patriarchy Game in Fences

    Nakanishi, Débora Spacini Autor UNESP; Nigro, Cláudia Maria Ceneviva Autor UNESP (Revista Estudos Feministas, 2021) [Artigo]
    The dramatic text can admit several political reflections, which are increased in intensity, as the text materializes in performance. In this article, we bring a critique of patriarchy, based on black feminism, gender ...
  • Changes in the concept designated by the term mariage civil throughout the history of French law 1791–2013

    Curti-Contessoto, Beatriz; de Oliveira, Isabelle; Barros, Lidia Almeida Autor UNESP (Terminology, 2021) [Resenha]
    In 1791, the term mariage civil first appeared in French law in order to designate a civil and secular union recognised only by the State. After the introduction of this term into the French legal domain, there were ...
  • Heart metaphors in Pope Francis’ speeches

    Pimentel Rocha, Jean Michel Autor UNESP; Orenha-Ottaiano, Adriane Autor UNESP; Sabino, Marilei Amadeu Autor UNESP (Calidoscopio, 2018) [Artigo]
    - This paper, based on the theoretical background of Corpus Linguistics, Phraseology, and Cognitive Semantics, aims at analyzing, in a corpus compiled from Pope Francis’ speeches, from 2013 to 2015, the metaphorical meanings ...
  • Foreign language writing assessment and brazilian educational policies

    de Oliveira, Luciana C.; Aranha, Solange Autor UNESP; Zolin-Vesz, Fernando (The Politics of English Second Language Writing Assessment in Global Contexts, 2018) [Capítulo de livro]
    Little is known about foreign language assessment in Brazil, and much less about foreign language writing assessment. This chapter addresses to what extent foreign language writing assessment has been included in Brazilian ...
  • Dinamismo lexical nas redes sociais: Contribuições para a Lexicografia

    De Carvalho Bertonha, Fábio Henrique Autor UNESP; Zavaglia, Claudia Autor UNESP (Calidoscopio, 2017) [Artigo]
    This paper proposes a reflection on the (internal and external) lexical dynamism, including social networks, in order to discuss its contributions to Lexicography, as the lexicon of a language system is supported by its ...
  • The phraseological translation

    Xatara, Claudia Maria Autor UNESP (Meta, 2002) [Artigo]
    Almost all texts contain some complex lexical units belonging to the phraseology of the language of a specialized field or of the general language. The translator must first identify this phraseologism, and then understand ...
  • Grammar and communication in portuguese as a foreign language: A study in the context ofteletandem interactions

    Consolo, Douglas Altamiro; De Souza Brocco, Aline; Custodio, Camila Mendes (CSEDU 2009 - Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Computer Supported Education, 2009) [Trabalho apresentado em evento]
    This paper presents a study about the role of grammar in on-line interactions conducted in Portuguese and in English, between Brazilian and English-speaking interactants, with the aim of teaching Portuguese as a foreign ...
  • Second Language Writing Teacher Education in Brazil

    Aranha, Solange Autor UNESP; De Oliveira, Luciana C. (Second Language Writing Instruction in Global Contexts: English Language Teacher Preparation and Development, 2019) [Capítulo de livro]
  • Falling man: a literatura em busca de possíveis significados para um espaço vazio

    Fernandes, Giséle Manganelli Autor UNESP; Mariano, Márcia Corrêa De Oliveira Autor UNESP (Revista de Letras, 2012) [Artigo]
    September 11 has originated a wide range of artistic manifestations which have not only searched for plausible explanations for the tragedy, but also tried to review the events. In this sense, this paper aims at showing ...
  • The first readers of Rubem Fonseca in France

    Rodrigues Alves, Maria Claudia Autor UNESP (Olho D Agua, 2021) [Artigo]
    This article intends to approach the path of Rubem Fonseca's work in France through two kinds of paratexts: the testimony of his first translator, Marguerite Wunscher, granted in 2005, and two articles from specialized ...
  • Echos of readings: from the forgotten Adherbal de Carvalho, The Bride

    Wimmer, Norma Autor UNESP (Olho D Agua, 2021) [Artigo]
    Naturalism, as it was practiced in France, aroused the interest of a great number of followers in Brazil. This fact seems to have occurred because, on the one hand, the romantic spirit, associated in Brazil to the monarchic ...

    Rampazzo, Laura; Aranha, Solange Autor UNESP (Alfa: Revista de Linguística (São José do Rio Preto), 2019) [Artigo]
    O objetivo deste artigo é discutir o conceito de comunidade em contextos multimodais de projetos telecolaborativos, específicamente o teletandem (TELLES, 2006). Comunidades discursivas (CD) são agrupamentos de indivíduos ...

    Casteluber, Alan Medeiros Autor UNESP; Fernandes, Gisele Manganelli Autor UNESP (Ilha Do Desterro-a Journal Of English Language Literatures In English And Cultural Studies, 2021) [Artigo]
    In Zero K, DeLillo revisits the ever-increasing connection between identity and technology. However, he does so in a unique way, adding (im) mortality issues to an already complex mix. As a result, DeLillo not only explores ...

    Rodrigues, Karina Autor UNESP; Barros, Lidia Almeida Autor UNESP (Debate Terminologico, 2020) [Artigo]
    This paper aims at presenting some results from our doctoral thesis (rodrigues, 2017) in which we discussed tcrrninographical work aspects, in a bilingual dictionary of terms used in portuguese and french real estate lease ...
  • Commented translation of the tale Costantino Fortunato, by Giovan Francesco Straparola

    Tommasello Ramos, Maria Celeste Autor UNESP; Santana Segundo, Eucimara Regina Autor UNESP (Olho D Agua, 2020) [Artigo]
    We present the translation in Portuguese of the tale Costantino Fortunato, or also, Constantino Afortunado, by the Italian writer Giovan Francesco Straparola (1480-1557). This is the first known literary version of Puss ...
  • Networks of solidarity and intersections in literature and gender

    Souza, Davi Silistino de Autor UNESP; Ceneviva Nigro, Claudia Maria Autor UNESP; Morais, Fernando Luis de Autor UNESP; Rodrigues Benfatti, Flavia Andrea; Passos, Leandro Autor UNESP; Soares, Luiz Henrique Autor UNESP (Olho D Agua, 2020) [Artigo]
    This article aims to analyze the importance of the different forms of networks of solidarity and intersectionality for the national feminist approach and for contemporary gender studies. We understand that the criticisms ...
  • The Performative and The Subversion in Acenos e afagos, by Joao Gilberto Noll

    Rodrigues Alves, Maria Claudia Autor UNESP; Camargo e Souza, Marcus Vinicius Autor UNESP (Olho D Agua, 2020) [Artigo]
    In our reading of Noll's Acenos e afagos (2008), we sought to highlight the subversions arising from the narrator's actions in relation to the hegemonic speech about gender. The criticism of Austin's ideas on speech acts, ...
  • Jovita: the Warrior Maiden of the War of Paraguay

    Wimmer, Norma Autor UNESP (Olho D Agua, 2019) [Artigo]
    Antonia Jovita Alves Feitosa - widely referred to simply as Jovita Alves Feitosa - was born on the border of Piaui and Pernambuco, on March 8th, 1848. In 2017, her name was included in the book of heroes, in Tancredo Neves ...
  • Literature & Genre I

    Nigro, Claudia Autor UNESP (Olho D Agua, 2019) [Editorial]

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