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  • Adrenergic signaling and periodontitis: insights on innate immunity and porphyromonas gingivalis virulence in an invertebrate model

    Moraes, Renata Mendonça Autor UNESP; Garcia, Maíra Terra Autor UNESP; Stossi, Fabio; Barros, Patrícia Pimentel de Autor UNESP; Junqueira, Juliana Campos Autor UNESP; Anbinder, Ana Lia Autor UNESP (2022) [Dado de pesquisa]
  • Jaw osteosarcoma and pregnancy: a rare coexistence

    Santos, Thaís Aguiar Autor UNESP; Américo, Márcia Gimenes; Priante, Antonio Vitor Martins; de Oliveira, Maria Fernanda; Anbinder, Ana Lia Autor UNESP (Autopsy and Case Reports, 2022) [Resenha]
    Osteosarcoma of the jaw represents less than 1% of all head and neck malignancies. This malignancy in pregnant women occurs in one per 1000 deliveries. We report a case of a 29-year-old woman, in the 33rd week of gestation, ...
  • Macronutrient absorption rate of a Runner-type peanut cultivar

    Bertino, Antonio M. P. Autor UNESP; de Faria, Rogerio T. Autor UNESP; Jesus, Eduardo da S. B. Autor UNESP; Alves, Thayane L. Autor UNESP; Cazuza Neto, Ancelmo Autor UNESP; Barbosa, José de A. Autor UNESP (Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agricola e Ambiental, 2022) [Artigo]
    Peanuts are one of the most produced legumes in the world; however, there is a lack of knowledge on their nutritional needs and the growth phases with greater demands; therefore research is required on the nutrient absorption ...
  • MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry of saliva samples as a prognostic tool for COVID-19

    Lazari, Lucas C.; Zerbinati, Rodrigo M.; Rosa-Fernandes, Livia; Santiago, Veronica Feijoli; Rosa, Klaise F.; Angeli, Claudia B.; Schwab, Gabriela; Palmieri, Michelle; Sarmento, Dmitry J. S.; Marinho, Claudio R. F. et al. (Journal of Oral Microbiology, 2022) [Artigo]
    Background: The SARS-CoV-2 infections are still imposing a great public health challenge despite the recent developments in vaccines and therapy. Searching for diagnostic and prognostic methods that are fast, low-cost and ...
  • Influence of titanium nanotubular surfaces, produced by anodization, on the behavior of osteogenic cells: in vitro evaluation

    de ARAÚJO, Juliani Caroline Ribeiro Autor UNESP; Do Espirito Santo, Lidiane Lopes Autor UNESP; Schneider, Sandra Giacomin; Santana Melo, Gabriela de Fátima Autor UNESP; Chaves, Isabel; Franzini, Denise Richter; Spalding, Marianne Autor UNESP; de VASCONCELLOS, Luana Marotta Reis Autor UNESP (Brazilian Dental Science, 2022) [Artigo]
    Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate in vitro the influence of the anodized surface of Ti35Nb7Zr alloy on the behavior of osteogenic cells, for future application in biomedical implants. Material and ...
  • Finding the combination of multiple biomarkers to diagnose oral squamous cell carcinoma – A data mining approach

    da Costa, Nattane Luíza; de Sá Alves, Mariana Autor UNESP; de Sá Rodrigues, Nayara Autor UNESP; Bandeira, Celso Muller Autor UNESP; Oliveira Alves, Mônica Ghislaine; Mendes, Maria Anita; Cesar Alves, Levy Anderson; Almeida, Janete Dias Autor UNESP; Barbosa, Rommel (Computers in Biology and Medicine, 2022) [Artigo]
    Data mining has proven to be a reliable method to analyze and discover useful knowledge about various diseases, including cancer research. In particular, data mining and machine learning algorithms to study oral squamous ...
  • Natural latex serum: characterization and biocompatibility assessment using Galleria mellonella as an alternative in vivo model

    Pegorin Brasil, Giovana Sant’Ana Autor UNESP; de Barros, Patrícia Pimentel Autor UNESP; Miranda, Matheus Carlos Romeiro; de Barros, Natan Roberto; Junqueira, Juliana Campos Autor UNESP; Gomez, Alejandro; Herculano, Rondinelli Donizetti Autor UNESP; de Mendonça, Ricardo José (Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition, 2022) [Artigo]
    Natural latex serum (NLS) is one of the natural rubber latex fractions from Hevea brasiliensis tree, which is formed by centrifuged serum and is composed of proteins, acids, nucleotides, salts and carbohydrates. The proteins ...
  • Waterpipe tobacco smoking and oral health: what is important to know?

    Alves, Mônica Ghislaine Oliveira; Carvalho, Bruna Fernandes do Carmo Autor UNESP; Marques, Sandra Silva; Lopes, Márcio Ajudarte; Almeida, Janete Dias Autor UNESP (Addiction, 2022) [Carta]
  • The Effect of Photobiomodulation Therapy in Different Doses on Bone Repair of Critical Size Defects in Rats: A Histomorphometric Study

    de Marco, Andrea Carvalho Autor UNESP; Torquato, Letícia Cavassini Autor UNESP; Gonçalves, Paulo Roberto; Ribeiro, Tatiana Camacho; Nunes, Camilla Moretto Autor UNESP; Bernardo, Daniella Vicensotto; Gomes, Mônica Fernandes Autor UNESP; Jardini, Maria Aparecida Neves Autor UNESP; Santamaria, Mauro Pedrine Autor UNESP (Journal of Lasers in Medical Sciences, 2021) [Artigo]
    Introduction: Photobiomodulation therapy (PBM) appears to induce osteogenesis and stimulate fracture repair; because of its capacity, it is considered a promising treatment, but the characteristics of response to different ...
  • Susceptibility of dental caries microcosm biofilms to photodynamic therapy mediated by fotoenticine

    Garcia, Maíra Terra Autor UNESP; Ward, Rafael Araújo da Costa Autor UNESP; Gonçalves, Nathália Maria Ferreira Autor UNESP; Pedroso, Lara Luise Castro Autor UNESP; Neto, José Vieira da Silva; Strixino, Juliana Ferreira; Junqueira, Juliana Campos Autor UNESP (Pharmaceutics, 2021) [Artigo]
    Photodynamic therapy (PDT) mediated by Fotoenticine® (FTC), a new photosensitizer derived from chlorin e-6, has shown in vitro inhibitory activity against the cariogenic bacterium Streptococcus mutans. However, its ...
  • Identification of possible salivary metabolic biomarkers and altered metabolic pathways in south american patients diagnosed with oral squamous cell carcinoma

    de Sá Alves, Mariana Autor UNESP; de Sá Rodrigues, Nayara Autor UNESP; Bandeira, Celso Muller Autor UNESP; Chagas, José Francisco Sales; Pascoal, Maria Beatriz Nogueira; Nepomuceno, Gabrielle Luana Jimenez Teodoro; da Silva Martinho, Herculano; Alves, Mônica Ghislaine Oliveira; Mendes, Maria Anita; Dias, Meriellen et al. (Metabolites, 2021) [Artigo]
    Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) represents 90% of oral malignant neoplasms. The search for specific biomarkers for OSCC is a very active field of research contributing to establishing early diagnostic methods and ...
  • Nitrate Reductase Activity, Productivity and Technological Quality of Sugarcane Under Molybdenum and Nitrogen Fertilization

    dos Santos, Renato Lemos; Oliveira, Diego Moura de Andrade; Santos, Raul Vitor de Souza; de Moura, Maria José Alves Autor UNESP; Guedes, Victor Hugo de Farias Autor UNESP; Barbosa, José de Arruda Autor UNESP; Lopes, Nayara Rose da Conceição Autor UNESP; Costa, Larissa Grasiela de Arruda Ferreira; da Silva, José Lucas Farias Autor UNESP; da Costa Santos, Monalisa Barbosa et al. (Sugar Tech, 2022) [Artigo]
    The low uptake of nitrogen (N) by sugarcane causes reduction in productivity and technological quality of sugarcane. Molybdenum (Mo) is a nutrient directly related to the assimilation of N. The objective of this study was ...
  • MLH1, MSH2, MRE11, and XRCC1 in Oral Leukoplakia and Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    Donís, Sergio Piñeiro; González, Alba Pérez; Alves, Monica Ghislaine Oliveira; Do Carmo Carvalho, Bruna F.; Ferreira, Camila C.P.; Almeida, Janete Dias Autor UNESP; Iruegas, Elena Padín; Petronacci, Cintia M. Chamorro; Peñaranda, José M. Suárez; Sayáns, Mario Pérez (Applied Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Morphology, 2021) [Artigo]
    Background: DNA damage is accumulated in the cells over time as the result of both exogenous and endogenous factors. The objective of this study was to analyze the immunohistochemical expression of the repair proteins in ...
  • Use of yogurt prepared with the probiotic streptococcus salivarius BIO5 strain in the control of bacterial tonsillitis in children

    Fantinato, Vera Autor UNESP; de Carvalho, Heloísa Ramalho; de Sousa, Ana Lucia Orlandini Pilleggi (International Journal of Probiotics and Prebiotics, 2020) [Artigo]
    This double-blinded study aims to verify whether the yogurt prepared with a Streptococcus salivarius BIO5 probiotic strain can control recurrent tonsillitis in children. To this end, children with recurrent Streptococcus ...
  • Antibiofilm action of Persea americana glycolic extract over Acinetobacter baumannii and absence of toxicity in Galleria mellonella

    Dos Santos Liberato, Sabrina Ferreira Autor UNESP; Da Cruz Vegian, Mariana Raquel Autor UNESP; Abu Hasna, Amjad Autor UNESP; De Alvarenga, Janaína Araújo Autor UNESP; Dos Santos, Juliana Guimarães Autor UNESP; Tini, Ítalo Rigotti Pereira Autor UNESP; Amêndola, Isabela Autor UNESP; Junqueira, Juliana Campos Autor UNESP; De Oliveira, Luciane Dias Autor UNESP (Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, 2021) [Artigo]
    This study aimed to evaluate the antibiofilm activity and toxicity of the glycolic extract of Persea americana P. americanaover multidrug-resistant strains of Acinetobacter baumannii A. baumanniias alternative therapy to ...
  • Bone tissue engineering: Production of tntz alloy by powder metallurgy

    Pereira, Raíssa Monteiro; Koga-Ito, Cristiane Yumi Autor UNESP; Rovetta, Sabrina Moura Autor UNESP; Oliveira, Maria Alcionéia de Carvalho Autor UNESP; Sampaio, Aline da Graça Autor UNESP; Lima, Gabriela de Morais Gouvêia Autor UNESP; Henriques, Vinicius André Rodrigues (Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, 2022) [Artigo]
    The demand for metallic biomaterials has increased proportionally to the number of elderly population and people who have bone disorders related to diseases, accidents, or premature wear. Because of this, the studies related ...
  • Oral Lymphoepithelial Cyst: A Collaborative Clinicopathologic Study of 132 Cases from Brazil

    Cunha, John Lennon Silva; Roza, Ana Luiza Oliveira Corrêa; Cruz, Vitória Maria Sousa; Ribeiro, Jaqueline Lemes Autor UNESP; Cavalcante, Israel Leal; Cavalcante, Roberta Barroso; Anbinder, Ana Lia Autor UNESP; Abrahão, Aline Corrêa; de Andrade, Bruno Augusto Benevenuto; Romañach, Mário José et al. (Head and Neck Pathology, 2021) [Artigo]
    The oral lymphoepithelial cyst (OLC) is an uncommon lesion whose pathogenesis remains poorly understood. The aim of this study was to report the clinicopathologic features of the OLCs and to verify a possible association ...
  • Calcium aluminate cement-based blends for application to fill in bone defects

    de Alcântara Abdala, Julia Marinzeck; dos Santos, Paloma Carvalho Ocanha; de Vasconcellos, Luana Marotta Reis Autor UNESP; Raniero, Leandro José; de Castro-Raucci, Larissa Moreira Spinola; de Oliveira, Paulo Tambasco; Pandolfelli, Victor Carlos; de Oliveira, Ivone Regina (Research on Biomedical Engineering, 2020) [Artigo]
    Introduction: The need to treat bone defects is increasing dramatically as the population grows old. Calcium aluminate cement, CAC, has been applied to fill in bone defects. CAC has been used in orthopedics, as it can avoid ...
  • Enterococcus faecium and Enterococcus faecalis in endodontic infections: antibiotic resistance profile and susceptibility to photodynamic therapy

    Prado, Ana Carolina Chipoletti Autor UNESP; De Barros, Patrícia Pimentel Autor UNESP; Santos, Jéssica Diane Dos Autor UNESP; De Oliveira, Luciane Dias Autor UNESP; Carvalho, Claudio Antônio Talge Autor UNESP; Valera, Marcia Carneiro Autor UNESP; Jorge, Antonio Olavo Cardoso Autor UNESP; Junqueira, Juliana Campos Autor UNESP (Lasers in Dental Science, 2017) [Artigo]
    Introduction: Enterococcus faecium has become an important microorganism in nosocomial infections with great ability to acquire antibiotic resistance. However, little is known about their presence on the oral cavity. ...
  • Scaffolds’ production based on calcium aluminate blends and their biological properties

    de Las Nieves González Vicuna, Iranel; Grancianinov, Karen Julie Santos; dos Santos, Kennedy Wallace; dos Santos Ortega, Fernando; de Camargo Reis Mello, Daphne Autor UNESP; de Vasconcellos, Luana Marotta Reis Autor UNESP; Costa, Maricilia Silva; Pandolfelli, Victor Carlos; de Oliveira, Ivone Regina (Research on Biomedical Engineering, 2019) [Artigo]
    Purpose: Scaffolds are artificial structures that provide a temporary template to withstand mechanical loads in vivo during the process of bone regeneration. They should present a highly porous three-dimensional structure ...

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