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  • Coxiella burnetii associated with BVDV (Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus), BoHV (bovine herpesvirus), Leptospira spp., Neospora caninum, Toxoplasma gondii and trypanosoma vivax in reproductive disorders in cattle

    Zanatto, Diego Carlos Souza Autor UNESP; Gatto, Igor Renan Honorato Autor UNESP; Labruna, Marcelo Bahia; Jusi, Marcia Mariza Gomes; Samara, Samir Issa Autor UNESP; Machado, Rosangela Zacarias Autor UNESP; André, Marcos Rogério Autor UNESP (Revista Brasileira de Parasitologia Veterinaria, 2019) [Artigo]
    This is a cross-sectional study to assess the presence of antibodies in ruminants against selected pathogens associated with reproductive disorders in cattle in four Brazilian states, including the zoonotic agent Coxiella ...
  • Evidence of persistent müllerian duct syndrome in a yorkshire terrier

    Silva, Priscila Autor UNESP; Uscategui, Ricardo A.R. Autor UNESP; Gatto, Igor R.H. Autor UNESP; De Brito, Marina B.S. Autor UNESP; Simões, Ana Paula R. Autor UNESP; Almeida, Vivian T. Autor UNESP; Feliciano, Marcus A.R. Autor UNESP; Vicente, Wilter R.R. Autor UNESP (Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Pecuarias, 2018) [Artigo]
    Anamnesis: A one-year-old female Yorkshire terrier, weighing 2.2 kg, was referred for evaluation of an abnormal structure in the inguinal region. Clinical and laboratory findings: Upon examination, the structure -similar ...
  • Tissue fibrosis and its correlation with malignancy in canine mammary tumors

    Toledo, Gabriela N. Autor UNESP; Feliciano, Marcus A.R. Autor UNESP; Uscategui, Ricardo A.R. Autor UNESP; Magalhães, Geórgia M.; Madruga, Gabriela M. Autor UNESP; Vicente, Wilter R.R. Autor UNESP (Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Pecuarias, 2018) [Artigo]
    Background: Fibrosis is present in several pathologies associated with mammary carcinogenesis. Objective: To evaluate and quantify the fibrosis present in malignant and benign mammary neoplasms in bitches. Methods: ...
  • Extracellular vesicles and its advances in female reproduction

    de ávila, Ana Clara Faquineli Cavalcante Mendes; Andrade, Gabriella Mamede; Bridi, Alessandra; Gimenes, Lindsay Unno Autor UNESP; Meirelles, Flávio Vieira; Perecin, Felipe; da Silveira, Juliano Coelho (Animal Reproduction, 2018) [Trabalho apresentado em evento]
    Intercellular communication is an essential mechanism for development and maintenance of multicellular organisms. Extracellular vesicles (EVs) were recently described as new players in the intercellular communication. EVs ...
  • Cat epididymal semen cryopreserved with and without vitamin E: Effect on sperm parameters and lipid peroxidation

    Macente, Beatrice Ingrid Autor UNESP; Gutierrez, Raquel Ribeiro Autor UNESP; Apparício, Maricy Autor UNESP; Balieiro, Cristiano de Carvalho; Mansano, Cleber Fernando Menegasso Autor UNESP; Pereira, Marcelo Maia Autor UNESP; Borges-Silva, Juliana Corrêa Autor UNESP; Pires-Buttler, Eliandra Antonia Autor UNESP; Galvão, André Luis Batista Autor UNESP; Toniollo, Gilson Hélio Autor UNESP et al. (Animal Reproduction, 2018) [Artigo]
    The aims of this study were to investigate: 1) if the addition of α-tocopherol (vitamin E) in three concentrations (0.3, 0.6 and 0.9 mM) is able to preserve spermatozoa integrity after thawing and 2) the effect of α-tocopherol ...
  • Serological prevalence of brucella spp. in feral pigs and sympatric cattle in the pantanal of mato grosso do sul, Brazil

    Zimmermann, Namor Pinheiro; Schabib Peres, Igor Alexandre Hany Fuzeta; Braz, Paulo Henrique; Juliano, Raquel Soares; Mathias, Luis Antônio Autor UNESP; Pellegrin, Aiesca Oliveira (Semina:Ciencias Agrarias, 2018) [Artigo]
    The aim of this study was to estimate the prevalence of anti-Brucella antibodies in feral pigs and sympatric cattle in the Pantanal sub-regions of Paiaguás and Nhecolândia. The study was conducted in Corumbá, State of Mato ...
  • Comparison between single port videolaparoscopy and miniceliotomy with snock hook ovariohysterectomy techniques in bitches

    Coutinho, Alexandre José Autor UNESP; Gasser, Beatriz Autor UNESP; Rodriguez, Mariana Garcia Kako Autor UNESP; Uscategui, Ricardo Andres Ramirez Autor UNESP; Santos, Victor José Correia Autor UNESP; Tiosso, Caio de Faria Autor UNESP; Barros, Felipe Farias Pereira da Câmara; Toniollo, Gilson Hélio Autor UNESP (Ciencia Rural, 2018) [Artigo]
    In order to use and study minimally invasive techniques to reduce side effects of ovarian-hysterectomy (OHE) in bitches, the aim of this study was to compare time, surgical complications, pain and postoperative inflammatory ...
  • HoBi-like pestivirus infection in an outbreak of bovine respiratory disease

    Hoppe, Ingrid Bortolin Affonso Lux Autor UNESP; Souza-Pollo, Andressa de Autor UNESP; Medeiros, Andréa Souza Ramos de Autor UNESP; Samara, Samir Issa Autor UNESP; Carvalho, Adolorata Aparecida Bianco Autor UNESP (Research in Veterinary Science, 2019) [Artigo]
    HoBi-like is an emerging pestivirus of the family Flaviviridae detected in cattle herds and biological products of bovine origin in many parts of the world, causing disease similar to that observed in bovine viral diarrhea ...
  • Genomic clues of the evolutionary history of Bos indicus cattle

    Utsunomiya, Y. T. Autor UNESP; Milanesi, M. Autor UNESP; Fortes, M. R.S.; Porto-Neto, L. R.; Utsunomiya, A. T.H. Autor UNESP; Silva, M. V.G.B.; Garcia, J. F. Autor UNESP; Ajmone-Marsan, P. (Animal Genetics, 2019) [Resenha]
    Together with their sister subspecies Bos taurus, zebu cattle (Bos indicus) have contributed to important socioeconomic changes that have shaped modern civilizations. Zebu cattle were domesticated in the Indus Valley ...
  • Amh Polymorphisms and their association with traits indicative of sexual precocity in nelore heifers

    Pierucci, Julia Cestari Autor UNESP; Tonhati, Humberto Autor UNESP; De Albuquerque, Lúcia Galvão Autor UNESP; Cardoso, Diercles Francisco Autor UNESP; De Abreu Dos Santos, Daniel Jordan Autor UNESP; Freitas, Ana Cláudia Autor UNESP; Barbero, Marina Mortati Dias; De Camargo, Gregório Miguel Ferreira; Braz, Camila Urbano Autor UNESP; Gimenes, Lindsay Unno Autor UNESP (Semina:Ciencias Agrarias, 2019) [Artigo]
    Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) is a protein expressed in the gonads and related to ovarian follicular development. The aim of this study was to investigate the presence of polymorphisms in the AMH gene in a Nelore herd to ...
  • The Importance of Coordinated Actions in Preventing the Spread of Yellow Fever to Human Populations: The Experience from the 2016-2017 Yellow Fever Outbreak in the Northeastern Region of São Paulo State

    Siconelli, Márcio Junio Lima; Espósito, Danillo Lucas Alves; Moraes, Nathália Cristina Autor UNESP; Ribeiro, Julia Maria Autor UNESP; Perles, Lívia Autor UNESP; Dias, Maria Angélica; Carvalho, Adolorata Aparecida Bianco Autor UNESP; Werther, Karin Autor UNESP; Fernandes, Natália Coelho Couto De Azevedo; Iglezias, Silvia D'Andretta et al. (Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology, 2019) [Artigo]
    Yellow fever (YF) is a zoonotic arthropod-borne disease that is caused by the yellow fever virus (YFV) and characterized by a sylvatic and urban cycle. Its most severe presentation is manifested as a hemorrhagic disease, ...
  • Parasitological assessment of wild ring-tailed coatis (Nasua nasua) from the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest

    Moraes, M. F.D. Autor UNESP; da Silva, M. X. Autor UNESP; Tebaldi, J. H. Autor UNESP; Hoppe, E.G. Lux Autor UNESP (International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife, 2019) [Artigo]
  • Ultrasonographic methods for evaluation of testicles in cats

    Brito, Marina Botelho Autor UNESP; Maronezi, Marjury Cristina Autor UNESP; Uscategui, Ricardo A.R. Autor UNESP; Avante, Michelle L. Autor UNESP; Simões, Ana R. Autor UNESP; Monteiro, Frederico O.B.; Feliciano, Marcus A.R. Autor UNESP (Revista MVZ Cordoba, 2018) [Resenha]
    The testicles are the primary sexual organs of male and their function is to produce sperm and sexual hormones. Disorders of the testicles are common in domestic cats. Therefore, detailed assessment of the testes is of ...
  • Effect of dietary supplementation of palm kernel cake on ovarian and hepatic function in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

    de Souza Nahúm, Benjamim Autor UNESP; Saraiva, Naiara Zoccal; Faturi, Cristian; Maciel e Silva, André Guimarães; Lourenço, José de Brito; Sousa, José Silva de; Amaral, João Maria do; de Paula Nogueira, Guilherme Autor UNESP; Mingoti, Gisele Zoccal Autor UNESP (Animal Reproduction Science, 2019) [Artigo]
    To determine the optimal inclusion amount of palm kernel cake (PKC) in a buffalo diet, in the present study there was evaluation of the ovarian activity, metabolism and hepatic function of females that were treated to ...
  • Molecular detection of Mycoplasma suis in captive white-lipped peccaries (Tayassu pecari) and wild boars (Sus scrofa) in Brazil

    Dias, Guilherme Bim Autor UNESP; do Amaral, Renan Bressianini Autor UNESP; Gatto, Igor Renan Honorato Autor UNESP; Lapera, Ivan Moura Autor UNESP; de Oliveira, Luís Guilherme Autor UNESP; Lux Hoppe, Estevam G. Autor UNESP; Machado, Rosangela Zacarias Autor UNESP; André, Marcos Rogério Autor UNESP (Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, 2019) [Artigo]
    Mycoplasma suis, the etiological agent of swine hemoplasmosis, is an epicellular bacterium that adheres to the surface of pig erythrocytes leading to deformations of the target cells. Little is known about the occurrence ...
  • Hornless Nellore cattle (Bos indicus) carrying a novel 110 kbp duplication variant of the polled locus

    Utsunomiya, Yuri Tani Autor UNESP; Torrecilha, Rafaela Beatriz Pintor Autor UNESP; Milanesi, Marco Autor UNESP; Paulan, Silvana de Cássia Autor UNESP; Utsunomiya, Adam Taiti Harth Autor UNESP; Garcia, José Fernando Autor UNESP (Animal Genetics, 2019) [Artigo]
  • Phagolysosomal activity of macrophages in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) infected in vitro by Aeromonas hydrophila: Infection and immunotherapy

    Fernandes, Dayanne C. Autor UNESP; Eto, Silas F. Autor UNESP; Moraes, Alessandra C. Autor UNESP; Prado, Ed Johnny R. Autor UNESP; Medeiros, Andrea S.R. Autor UNESP; Belo, Marco A.A. Autor UNESP; Samara, Samir I. Autor UNESP; Costa, Paulo I. Autor UNESP; Pizauro, João M. Autor UNESP (Fish and Shellfish Immunology, 2019) [Artigo]
    The biochemical mechanisms involved in phagocytosis and the intracellular survival of Aeromonas hydrophila (Ah) in host macrophages (MΦs) are complex processes that affect infection success or failure. Thus, in the present ...
  • Difficulties in diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis in suggestive lesions on post-mortem inspection in carcasses

    Siconelli, Márcio Junio Lima Autor UNESP; Vey-da-Silva, David Attuy; De Souza-Pollo, Andressa Autor UNESP; Bürger, Karina Paes Autor UNESP (Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinaria, 2018) [Artigo]
    The bovine tuberculosis is a zoonotic disease with importance to the public health. The post-mortem identification and its fast and accurate diagnosis combined with the epidemiology knowledge are essential to fight against ...
  • Ultrasonography for lymph nodes metastasis identification in bitches with mammary neoplasms

    Silva, Priscila Autor UNESP; Uscategui, Ricardo Andres Ramirez Autor UNESP; Maronezi, Marjury Cristina Autor UNESP; Gasser, Beatriz Autor UNESP; Pavan, Letícia Autor UNESP; Gatto, Igor Renan Honorato Autor UNESP; de Almeida, Vivian Tavares Autor UNESP; Vicente, Wilter Ricardo Russiano Autor UNESP; Feliciano, Marcus Antônio Rossi Autor UNESP (Scientific Reports, 2018) [Artigo]
    The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the diagnostic accuracy of B-mode, Doppler ultrasonography and Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) elastography in the identification of axillary and inguinal lymph ...
  • Evidence of bovine viral diarrhea virus transmission by back pond water in experimentally infected piglets

    Nascimento, Karla A. Autor UNESP; Mechler, Marina L. Autor UNESP; Gatto, Igor R.H. Autor UNESP; Almeida, Henrique M.S. Autor UNESP; Pollo, Andressa S. Autor UNESP; Sant’Ana, Fabiano J.F.; Pedroso, Pedro M.O.; De Oliveira, Luís G. Autor UNESP (Pesquisa Veterinaria Brasileira, 2018) [Artigo]
    Swine can be infected by bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV). However, transmission routes among pigs are still unknown. The objective of the present study was to induce experimental infection of BVDV-1 in weaned piglets ...

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