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  • Unpacking the finance-farmland nexus: circles of cooperation and intermediaries in Brazil

    Spadotto, Bruno Rezende; Martenauer Saweljew, Yuri Autor UNESP; Frederico, Samuel Autor UNESP; Teixeira Pitta, Fábio (Globalizations, 2020) [Artigo]
    In this article, we analyse strategies of accumulation of agribusiness corporations specializing in the land market. More specifically, we examine the processes and actors involved and the connections that global financial ...
  • Stormwater detention reservoirs: An opportunity for monitoring and a potential site to prevent the spread of urban microplastics

    Moruzzi, Rodrigo Braga Autor UNESP; Speranza, Lais Galileu Autor UNESP; da Conceição, Fabiano Tomazini Autor UNESP; de Souza Martins, Suely Teodoro Autor UNESP; Busquets, Rosa; Campos, Luiza Cintra (Water (Switzerland), 2020) [Artigo]
    Stormwater runoff carries pollutants from urban areas to rivers and has the potential to be a main contributing source of microplastics (MPs) to the ecosystem. Stormwater detention reservoirs (SDRs) differ from ponds and ...
  • Rarity of monodominance in hyperdiverse Amazonian forests

    ter Steege, Hans; Henkel, Terry W.; Helal, Nora; Marimon, Beatriz S.; Marimon-Junior, Ben Hur; Huth, Andreas; Groeneveld, Jürgen; Sabatier, Daniel; Coelho, Luiz de Souza; Filho, Diogenes de Andrade Lima et al. (Scientific Reports, 2019) [Artigo]
    Tropical forests are known for their high diversity. Yet, forest patches do occur in the tropics where a single tree species is dominant. Such “monodominant” forests are known from all of the main tropical regions. For ...
  • One thousand and one nights

    Oliveira, Livia de Autor UNESP (Geograficidade, 2019) [Resenha]
  • One thousand and one nights

    Oliveira, Livia de Autor UNESP (Geograficidade, 2019) [Resenha]
  • The city and the music

    Diniz, Gustavo da Silva Autor UNESP; Mendes, Auro Aparecido Autor UNESP (Geograficidade, 2018) [Artigo]
    The relationship between city and music can be made from their conceptual definitions to the origins of urban spaces and musical activities. Historically, there has been a tendency for musical activities to join in urban ...
  • Landscape origins in Augustin Berque: landscaping thought and landscape thinking

    Marandola, Hugo Leonardo Autor UNESP; Oliveira, Livia de Autor UNESP (Geograficidade, 2018) [Artigo]
    The geographer Augustin Berque dedicated most of his work in the study of landscape, having phenomenology as one of his bases of thought. For him, the landscape is one of the many ways of expression of the relationship ...
  • Table Stories

    Oliveira, Livia de Autor UNESP (Geograficidade, 2018) [Resenha]
  • For love of Places

    Oliveira, Livia de Autor UNESP (Geograficidade, 2018) [Resenha]
  • Long-term impact of prescribed fire on soil chemical properties in a wildland-urban interface. Northeastern Iberian Peninsula

    Francos, M.; Stefanuto, E. B. Autor UNESP; Úbeda, X.; Pereira, P. (Science of the Total Environment, 2019) [Artigo]
    Wildfires are common in wildland-urban interfaces (WUIs), where they represent a severe threat to inhabited urban settlements endangering both infrastructure and human life. Given these hazards, it is critical that forest ...
  • Resilience and restoration of tropical and subtropical grasslands, savannas, and grassy woodlands

    Buisson, Elise; Le Stradic, Soizig Autor UNESP; Silveira, Fernando A. O.; Durigan, Giselda; Overbeck, Gerhard E.; Fidelis, Alessandra Autor UNESP; Fernandes, G. Wilson; Bond, William J.; Hermann, Julia-Maria; Mahy, Gregory et al. (Biological Reviews, 2019) [Artigo]
    Despite growing recognition of the conservation values of grassy biomes, our understanding of how to maintain and restore biodiverse tropical grasslands (including savannas and open-canopy grassy woodlands) remains limited. ...
  • Financialized territory: the territorial determinations of BNDES disbursements to the sugar-energy sector in Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil

    Giannini Borges, Ana Claudia Autor UNESP; Souza, Jose Gilberto de Autor UNESP (Confins-revue Franco-bresilienne De Geographie-revista Franco-brasileira De Geografia, 2019) [Artigo]
    The objective of this article is to identify the articulation between the National Bank of Social and Economic Development (BNDES) financing for the sugar-energy sector in Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, and the ...
  • Variations of rainfall Rhythm in Alto Pardo watershed, Brazil: Analysis of two specific years, a wet and a dry one, and their relation with the river flow

    Fontão, Pedro Augusto Breda Autor UNESP; Zavattini, João Afonso Autor UNESP (Climate, 2017) [Artigo]
    This research aims to understand the variability and rhythm of rainfall for two specific standard-years, and their relation with the river flow of the Alto Pardo watershed, located in southeastern Brazil, and thus identify ...
  • Gestão dos resíduos sólidos urbanos: O Brasil e Portugal em perspectiva

    Celeri, Marcio José; Cortez, Ana Tereza Cáceres Autor UNESP (Espacios, 2017) [Artigo]
    Portugal and Brazil started the first organized actions in the management of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) in the 80s of the twentieth century. But it was only in the 90 Portugal rationalized that an integrated management ...
  • The tree species pool of Amazonian wetland forests: Which species can assemble in periodically waterlogged habitats?

    Luize, Bruno Garcia Autor UNESP; Magalhães, José Leonardo Lima; Queiroz, Helder; Lopes, Maria Aparecida; Venticinque, Eduardo Martins; de Moraes Novo, Evlyn Márcia Leão; Silva, Thiago Sanna Freire Autor UNESP (PLoS ONE, 2018) [Artigo]
    We determined the filtered tree species pool of Amazonian wetland forests, based on confirmed occurrence records, to better understand how tree diversity in wetland environments compares to tree diversity in the entire ...
  • Species Distribution Modelling: Contrasting presence-only models with plot abundance data

    Gomes, Vitor H.F.; Ijff, Stéphanie D.; Raes, Niels; Amaral, Iêda Leão; Salomão, Rafael P.; Coelho, Luiz De Souza; Matos, Francisca Dionízia De Almeida; Castilho, Carolina V.; Filho, Diogenes De Andrade Lima; López, Dairon Cárdenas et al. (Scientific Reports, 2018) [Artigo]
    Species distribution models (SDMs) are widely used in ecology and conservation. Presence-only SDMs such as MaxEnt frequently use natural history collections (NHCs) as occurrence data, given their huge numbers and accessibility. ...
  • Plant phenological research enhances ecological restoration

    Buisson, Elise; Alvarado, Swanni T. Autor UNESP; Le Stradic, Soizig Autor UNESP; Morellato, Leonor Patricia C. (Restoration Ecology, 2017) [Artigo]
    While phenology data (the timing of recurring biological events) has been used to explain and predict patterns related to global change, and to address applied environmental issues, it has not been clearly identified as ...
  • Changes in precipitation extremes in Brazil (Paraná River Basin)

    Zandonadi, Leandro Autor UNESP; Acquaotta, Fiorella; Fratianni, Simona; Zavattini, João Afonso Autor UNESP (Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 2016) [Artigo]
    This research was aimed at addressing aspects related to variation in the amount of precipitation during the period from 1986 to 2011 in the Paraná River Hydrographical Basin, Brazil, for 32 meteorological stations using ...
  • Linking plant phenology to conservation biology

    Morellato, Leonor Patrícia Cerdeira Autor UNESP; Alberton, Bruna Autor UNESP; Alvarado, Swanni T. Autor UNESP; Borges, Bruno Autor UNESP; Buisson, Elise; Camargo, Maria Gabriela G. Autor UNESP; Cancian, Leonardo F. Autor UNESP; Carstensen, Daniel W. Autor UNESP; Escobar, Diego F.E. Autor UNESP; Leite, Patrícia T.P. Autor UNESP et al. (Biological Conservation, 2016) [Resenha]
    Phenology has achieved a prominent position in current scenarios of global change research given its role inmonitoring and predicting the timing of recurrent life cycle events. However, the implications of phenology to ...
  • Dual-season and full-polarimetric C band SAR assessment for vegetation mapping in the Amazon várzea wetlands

    Furtado, Luiz Felipe de Almeida; Silva, Thiago Sanna Freire Autor UNESP; Novo, Evlyn Márcia Leão de Moraes (Remote Sensing of Environment, 2016) [Artigo]
    This study answered the following questions: 1) Is polarimetric C-band SAR (PolSAR) more efficient than dual-polarization (dual-pol) C-band SAR for mapping várzea floodplain vegetation types, when using images of a single ...

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