Recent Submissions

  • Letters from foreign mathematicians about the context of Brazil in the 1970's

    Trivizoli, Lucieli M. Autor UNESP (Bolema - Mathematics Education Bulletin, 2019) [Artigo]
    The International Symposium on Dynamical Systems was held in Salvador, in 1971, with the participation of important Brazilian and foreign mathematicians. Steve Smale, distinguished mathematician and winner of the Fields ...
  • Some results on extension of maps and applications

    Biasi, Carlos; Libardi, Alice K. M. Autor UNESP; De Melo, Thiago Autor UNESP; Dos Santos, Edivaldo L. (Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Section A: Mathematics, 2019) [Artigo]
    This paper concerns extension of maps using obstruction theory under a non-classical viewpoint. It is given a classification of homotopy classes of maps and as an application it is presented a simple proof of a theorem by ...
  • The (reasonable) effectiveness of mathematics in empirical science

    Silva, Jairo Jose da Autor UNESP (Disputatio-philosophical Research Bulletin, 2018) [Artigo]
    I discuss here the pragmatic problem in the philosophy of mathematics, that is, the applicability of mathematics, particularly in empirical science, in its many variants. My point of depart is that all sciences are formal, ...
  • Multimedia Retrieval Through Unsupervised Hypergraph-Based Manifold Ranking

    Guimaraes Pedronette, Daniel Carlos Autor UNESP; Valem, Lucas Pascotti Autor UNESP; Almeida, Jurandy; Tones, Ricardo da S. (Ieee Transactions On Image Processing, 2019) [Artigo]
    Accurately ranking images and multimedia objects are of paramount relevance in many retrieval and learning tasks. Manifold learning methods have been investigated for ranking mainly due to their capacity of taking into ...
  • Cobordism of maps of locally orientable Witt spaces

    Brasselet, Jean-Paul; Miwa Libardi, Alice Kimie Autor UNESP; Rizziolli, Eliris Cristina Autor UNESP; Saia, Marcelo Jose (Publicationes Mathematicae-debrecen, 2019) [Artigo]
    The aim of this work is to present some remarks on cobordism of normally nonsingular maps between compact locally orientable Witt spaces. By using the Wu classes defined by Goresky and Pardon, we give a definition of ...
  • Existence and uniqueness of solution for abstract differential equations with state-dependent delayed impulses

    Hernandez, Eduardo; Azevedo, Katia A. G.; Gadotti, Marta C. Autor UNESP (Journal Of Fixed Point Theory And Applications, 2019) [Artigo]
    We study the existence and uniqueness of mild and classical solutions for a general class of abstract impulsive differential equations with state-dependent impulses. Some examples on partial differential equations are presented.
  • A Multi-agent System Approach for Management of Industrial IoT Devices in Manufacturing Processes

    Cagnin, Renato L. Autor UNESP; Guilherme, Ivan R. Autor UNESP; Queiroz, Jonas Autor UNESP; Paulo, Bruno Autor UNESP; Neto, Marcilio F. O. Autor UNESP; IEEE (2018 Ieee 16th International Conference On Industrial Informatics (indin), 2018) [Trabalho apresentado em evento]
    Industry 4.0 is the new industrial revolution that uses technologies to enable communication and interaction between devices. In this new environment, applications are designed to ensure concepts like connection, data ...

    Guimaraes Pedronette, Daniel Carlos Autor UNESP; Torres, Ricardo da S.; IEEE (2014 Ieee International Conference On Image Processing (icip), 2014) [Trabalho apresentado em evento]
    This paper presents a novel manifold learning approach that takes into account the intrinsic dataset geometry. The dataset structure is modeled in terms of a Correlation Graph and analyzed using Strongly Connected Components ...
  • A nonlinear model and force control of a robotic claw

    Anjos da Silva, Thiago Abraao dos; Mendoza Meza, Magno Enrique; Fenili, Andre; Balthazar, Jose Manoel Autor UNESP; Rebello da Fonseca Brasil, Reyolando Manoel Lopes; Sivasundaram, S. (10th International Conference On Mathematical Problems In Engineering, Aerospace And Sciences (icnpaa 2014), 2014) [Trabalho apresentado em evento]
    The objective of this work is to obtain and analyze a simple representative mathematical model for a robotic claw. The claw is represented here through the interaction between two simple pendulums and a sub-system composed ...
  • Expansive movements in the development of mathematical modeling: Analysis from an Activity theory perspective

    Galleguillos, Jeannette; Borba, Marcelo de Carvalho Autor UNESP (ZDM - Mathematics Education, 2017) [Artigo]
    This research was conducted during an online continuing education course for mathematics teachers, whose core focus was modeling and applications. We studied the interactions of one group of two teachers, who worked ...
  • El análisis de contenido como una metodología

    Mendes, Rosana Maria; Miskulin, Rosana Giaretta Sguerra Autor UNESP (Cadernos de Pesquisa, 2017) [Artigo]
    In this article we discuss content analysis as a method for analysing data of qualitative research in education. The method is a fundamental part of academic work, because it gives to the investigation some characteristics ...
  • Reflexões sobre Interação e Colaboração a partir de um Curso Online

    Dantas, Sérgio Carrazedo Autor UNESP; Lins, Romulo Campos Autor UNESP (Bolema - Mathematics Education Bulletin, 2017) [Artigo]
    The central concern of this study was to investigate interaction and collaboration processes in an online community of mathematics teachers. Considering the Model of Semantic Fields as our theoretical and methodological ...
  • Educação a Distância Online e Formação de Professores: Práticas de pesquisas em Educação Matemática no estado de São Paulo

    Paulin, Juliana França Viol Autor UNESP; Miskulin, Rosana Giaretta Sguerra Autor UNESP (Bolema - Mathematics Education Bulletin, 2015) [Artigo]
    This paper presents a mapping on Mathematics Education Theses and Dissertations dealing with Teacher Education and Distance Learning. Thus, we are guided according to the qualitative perspective of meta-analysis, and the ...
  • Uma Experiência de Formação Continuada com Professores de Arte e Matemática no Ensino de Geometria

    Dos Santos, Marli Regina Autor UNESP; Bicudo, Maria Aparecida Viggiani Autor UNESP (Bolema - Mathematics Education Bulletin, 2015) [Artigo]
    This article exposes a work for continuing education of art and mathematics teachers of basic education, focusing on the teaching of geometry through tessellations. We emphasize the constitution of a nucleus of ideas formed ...
  • Fixed points on trivial surface bundles over a connected CW-complex

    Gonçalves, Daciberg Lima; Libardi, Alice Kimie Miwa Autor UNESP; Penteado, Dirceu; Vieira, João Peres Autor UNESP (Publicationes Mathematicae, 2015) [Artigo]
    The main purpose of this work is to study fixed points of fibre-preserving maps over a connected CW-complex B on the trivial surface bundles B×S where S is a closed surface of negative Euler characteristic. The case where ...
  • Remarks on the existence and uniqueness of periodic solution for nth-order functional differential equations with infinite delay

    Afonso, S. M. Autor UNESP; Furtado, A. L. (Dynamics of Continuous, Discrete and Impulsive Systems Series A: Mathematical Analysis, 2018) [Artigo]
    In this work we apply the coincidence degree theory to establish a result on the existence and uniqueness of periodic solution for a class of nth-order functional differential equations with infinite delay. An example is ...
  • Editorial

    Garnica, Antonio Vicente Marafioti Autor UNESP; Maltempi, Marcus Vinicius Autor UNESP; Miarka, Roger Autor UNESP (Bolema - Mathematics Education Bulletin, 2017) [Editorial]
  • On Anti-Periodic Solutions for a Class of Impulsive Retarded Functional Differential Equations

    Afonso, S. M. Autor UNESP; Furtado, A. L. (Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics, 2017) [Artigo]
    In this paper, some new results on the existence and uniqueness of anti-periodic solution for a first-order impulsive functional differential equation with delay are obtained. The main tool to be employed here is the ...
  • Uma Escola Pode e Muito Mais, Senhor!

    Fernandes, Por Filipe Santos Autor UNESP (Bolema - Mathematics Education Bulletin, 2015) [Artigo]
  • ANGELO, C. L. Uma leitura das falas dos alunos do ensino fundamental sobre a aula de matemática

    Litoldo, Beatriz Fernanda Autor UNESP (Bolema - Mathematics Education Bulletin, 2015) [Artigo]

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