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Recent Submissions

  • Controlling ions and electrons in aqueous solution: an alternative point of view of the charge-transport behavior of eumelanin-inspired material

    Paulin, João V.; Pereira, Mariane P.; Bregadiolli, Bruna A. Autor UNESP; Cachaneski-Lopes, João P. Autor UNESP; Graeff, Carlos F. O. Autor UNESP; Batagin-Neto, Augusto Autor UNESP; Bufon, Carlos C. B. Autor UNESP (Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2023) [Artigo]
    The possibility of current injection and transport in eumelanin films, humans' most common natural pigment, has fascinated physicists and materials scientists since the early’ 60s. Nowadays, it is accepted that ionic ...
  • Surface Characterization of New β Ti-25Ta-Zr-Nb Alloys Modified by Micro-Arc Oxidation

    Kuroda, Pedro Akira Bazaglia; Grandini, Carlos Roberto Autor UNESP; Afonso, Conrado Ramos Moreira (Materials, 2023) [Artigo]
    The technique of surface modification using electrolytic oxidation, called micro-arc oxidation (MAO), has been used in altering the surface properties of titanium alloys for biomedical purposes, enhancing their characteristics ...
  • Supercapacitor auto analyser: An automated data analysis software for supercapacitor characterization

    Boratto, Miguel H. Autor UNESP; Lima, João V.M. Autor UNESP; Malliaras, George G.; Graeff, Carlos F.O. Autor UNESP (Journal of Energy Storage, 2023) [Artigo]
    High-performance supercapacitors (SCs) with high power, energy, and long-life cycles, are essential for innovating wearable and portable electronics as extensively reported in literature. The Web of Science shows more than ...
  • Closed vortex state in three-dimensional mesoscopic superconducting films under an applied transport current

    Cadorim, Leonardo Rodrigues Autor UNESP; De Toledo, Lucas Veneziani Autor UNESP; Ortiz, Wilson Aires; Berger, Jorge; Sardella, Edson Autor UNESP (Physical Review B, 2023) [Artigo]
    By using the full 3D generalized time-dependent Ginzbug-Landau equation, we study a long superconducting film of finite width and thickness under an applied transport current. We show that, for sufficiently large thickness, ...
  • Development of Ti–Al–V alloys for usage as single-axis knee prostheses: evaluation of mechanical, corrosion, and tribocorrosion behaviors

    Pinto, B. O. Autor UNESP; Torrento, J. E. Autor UNESP; Grandini, C. R. Autor UNESP; Galindo, E. L. Autor UNESP; Pintão, C. A.F. Autor UNESP; Santos, A. A. Autor UNESP; Lisboa-Filho, P. N. Autor UNESP; Pontes, F. M.L. Autor UNESP; Correa, D. R.N. Autor UNESP (Scientific Reports, 2023) [Artigo]
    Single-axis knee prosthesis is an artificial biomechanical device that provides motion to amputees without the need for assistance appliances. Besides it is mainly composed of metallic materials, the current commercial ...
  • Assessment of improved tribocorrosion in novel in-situ Ti and β Ti–40Nb alloy matrix composites produced with NbC addition during arc-melting for biomedical applications

    Gonçalves, Vinícius Richieri Manso Autor UNESP; Corrêa, Diego Rafael Nespeque Autor UNESP; Grandini, Carlos Roberto Autor UNESP; Pintão, Carlos Alberto Fonzar Autor UNESP; Afonso, Conrado Ramos Moreira; Lisboa Filho, Paulo Noronha Autor UNESP (Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2023) [Artigo]
    Nontoxic and nonallergenic β-type Ti–Nb alloys are considered attractive metallic materials for long-term bone implant applications. However, metallic implants present poor wear resistance, and the degradation process can ...
  • Uncovering emerging photovoltaic technologies based on patent analysis

    de Paulo, Alex Fabianne; Graeff, Carlos Frederico de Oliveira Autor UNESP; Porto, Geciane Silveira (World Patent Information, 2023) [Resenha]
  • Ti–15Zr and Ti–15Zr–5Mo Biomaterials Alloys: An Analysis of Corrosion and Tribocorrosion Behavior in Phosphate-Buffered Saline Solution

    Santos, Adriana Alencar Autor UNESP; Teixeira, Jean Valdir Uchôa Autor UNESP; Pintão, Carlos Alberto Fonzar Autor UNESP; Correa, Diego Rafael Nespeque Autor UNESP; Grandini, Carlos Roberto Autor UNESP; Lisboa-Filho, Paulo Noronha Autor UNESP (Materials, 2023) [Artigo]
    It is crucial for clinical needs to develop novel titanium alloys feasible for long-term use as orthopedic and dental prostheses to prevent adverse implications and further expensive procedures. The primary purpose of this ...
  • Electron transport bilayer with cascade energy alignment based on Nb2O5-Ti3C2 MXene/TiO2 for efficient perovskite solar cells

    Lemos, Hugo G. Autor UNESP; Rossato, Jessica H. H. Autor UNESP; Ramos, Roberto A. Autor UNESP; Lima, João V. M. Autor UNESP; Affonço, Lucas J. Autor UNESP; Trofimov, Sergei; Michel, Jose J. I.; Fernandes, Silvia L. Autor UNESP; Naydenov, Boris; Graeff, Carlos F. O. Autor UNESP (Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2023) [Artigo]
    Nb2O5 shows promising features for electron transport layers (ETL) in perovskite solar cells (PSCs), such as suitable band alignment and ultraviolet stability. Here, we studied the incorporation of Ti3C2Tx MXene in a ...
  • NaNbO3/Eumelanin composite: A new photocatalyst under visible light

    Fernandes, Daiane; Raubach, Cristiane W.; Ferrer, Mateus M.; Jardim, Pedro L.G.; Graeff, Carlos Frederico de O. Autor UNESP; Moreira, Mario L.; Moreira, Eduardo C.; Mastelaro, Valmor R.; da S. Cava, Sergio (Ceramics International, 2023) [Artigo]
    Sodium niobate (NaNbO3) is a semiconductor with many potential technological applications and, among them, it is considered a promising photocatalyst. However, it only absorbs ultraviolet light, limiting its use in ...
  • Influence of pinning centers of different natures on surrounding vortices

    Carvalho dos Santos, Rodolfo Autor UNESP; Duarte, Elwis Carlos Sartorelli Autor UNESP; Okimoto, Danilo Autor UNESP; Presotto, Alice Autor UNESP; Sardella, Edson Autor UNESP; Motta, Maycon; Zadorosny, Rafael Autor UNESP (Physics Letters, Section A: General, Atomic and Solid State Physics, 2023) [Artigo]
    Studies involving vortex dynamics and their interaction with pinning centers are an important issue to reach higher critical currents in superconducting materials. The vortex distribution around arrays of engineered defects, ...
  • Attempt to describe phase slips by means of an adiabatic approximation

    Berger, Jorge; Sardella, Edson Autor UNESP (Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications, 2022) [Artigo]
    In the description of non equilibrium situations in a superconductor at temperatures far below its critical temperature, the Keldysh–Usadel technique (KUT) is required. However, the non-stationary KUT has not been applied ...
  • Tribology of polymer-based nanocomposites reinforced with 2D materials

    Ronchi, Rodrigo Mantovani; de Lemos, Hugo Gajardoni Autor UNESP; Nishihora, Rafael Kenji; Cuppari, Márcio Gustavo Di Vernieri; Santos, Sydney Ferreira (Materials Today Communications, 2023) [Resenha]
    The study of friction and wear of different materials have gained increased attention due to their influence in the component lifetime and on the energy efficiency of the systems. In order to optimize tribological properties ...
  • Production of bovine hydroxyapatite nanoparticles as a promising biomaterial via mechanochemical and sonochemical methods

    Ferrairo, Brunna Mota; Mosquim, Victor; de Azevedo-Silva, Lucas José; Pires, Luara Aline; Souza Padovini, David Santos Autor UNESP; Magdalena, Aroldo Geraldo Autor UNESP; Fortulan, Carlos Alberto; Lisboa-Filho, Paulo Noronha Autor UNESP; Rubo, José Henrique; Sanches Borges, Ana Flávia (Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2023) [Artigo]
    This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of sonochemical and milling nanoparticulate techniques using HA of bovine origin. The starting powders were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform ...
  • Identification of Homogeneous Precipitation Regions and Climate Projections with RegCM4 in the Andean Altiplano

    Zabalaga, Decker Guzmán; da Rocha, Rosmeri Porfírio; Llopart, Marta Pereira Autor UNESP; Reboita, Michelle Simões (Revista Brasileira de Geografia Fisica, 2022) [Artigo]
    The climate of mountainous regions is not easy to study due to the difficulty in installing and maintaining in situ weather stations to record data. Knowledge of the climate of these areas is mainly obtained through remote ...
  • The Glass Transition Temperature in Dental Composites

    Moraes, J. C. S. Autor UNESP; Sostena, M. M. D. S. Autor UNESP; Grandini, C. R. Autor UNESP; Cuppoletti, J. (Metal, Ceramic And Polymeric Composites For Various Uses, 2011) [Artigo]
  • Fast synthesis of NaNbO3 nanoparticles with high photocatalytic activity for degradation of organic dyes

    Fernandes, Daiane; Ferrer, Mateus M.; Raubach, Cristiane W.; Moreira, Mario L.; Jardim, Pedro L. G.; Moreira, Eduardo Ceretta; Graeff, Carlos F. O. Autor UNESP; Cava, Sergio S. (Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2022) [Artigo]
    NaNbO3 nanoparticles were obtained using the microwave-assisted hydrothermal method followed by heat treatment. It has been shown that heat treatment to increase the crystallinity of the material and modifies particle ...
  • Development of non-equiatomic Bio-HEAs based on TiZrNbTa-(Mo and Mn)

    Torrento, Jhuliene Elen Autor UNESP; Sousa, Tiago Dos Santos Pereira De Autor UNESP; Cristino Da Cruz, Nilson Autor UNESP; Santos De Almeida, Gerson Autor UNESP; Zambuzzi, Willian Fernando Autor UNESP; Grandini, Carlos Roberto Autor UNESP; Nespeque Correa, Diego Rafael (APL Materials, 2022) [Artigo]
    This study produced non-equiatomic TiNbZrTaMn and TiNbZrTaMo high entropy alloy (HEAs) by argon arc-melting and heat-treated for microstructural homogenization. The phase composition, microstructure, and selected mechanical ...
  • Experimental assessment of low-temperature martensite transformations in Ni-rich polycrystalline Ni-Ti alloys

    Moreno-Gobbi, Ariel; Silva, Paulo Sergio; Nespeque Correa, Diego Rafael; Milá, Alfredo Masó; Muñoz Chaves, Javier Andrés; Grandini, Carlos Roberto Autor UNESP; Macedo Dos Santos, Rafael Formenton; Moreira Afonso, Conrado Ramos (Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 2022) [Artigo]
    Ultrasonic velocity and attenuation measurements of a commercially available Ni-rich polycrystalline Ni-Ti alloy were simultaneously obtained upon cooling from room temperature (RT) down to 130 K. The anelastic spectra ...
  • The role of Nb2O5deposition process on perovskite solar cells

    Fernandes, Silvia L. Autor UNESP; Garcia, Larissa De O. Autor UNESP; Júnior, Roberto De A. Ramos Autor UNESP; Affonço, Lucas J. Autor UNESP; Bagnis, Diego; Vilaça, Rodrigo; Pontes, Fenelon M. Autor UNESP; Da Silva, José H. D. Autor UNESP; Graeff, Carlos F. O. Autor UNESP (Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 2022) [Artigo]
    Two different methods are used to deposit Nb2O5 as compact electron transport layers in n-i-p double cation mixed-halide perovskite Cs0.17FA0.83Pb(I0.83Br0.17)3 solar cells: reactive sputtering and spin coating. These ...

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