Characterization of flavonoids and phenolic acids in Myrcia bella cambess. Using FIA-ESI-IT-MSn and HPLC-PAD-ESI-IT-MS combined with NMR

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Saldanha, Luiz L. [UNESP]
Vilegas, Wagner [UNESP]
Dokkedal, Anne L. [UNESP]

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The leaves of Myrcia DC. ex Guill species are used in traditional medicine and are also exploited commercially as herbal drugs for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. The present work aimed to assess the qualitative and quantitative profiles of M. bella hydroalcoholic extract, due to these uses, since the existing legislation in Brazil determines that a standard method must be developed in order to be used for quality control of raw plant materials. The current study identified eleven known flavonoid-O-glycosides and six acylated flavonoid derivatives of myricetin and quercetin, together with two kaempferol glycosides and phenolic acids such as caffeic acid, ethil galate, gallic acid and quinic acid. In total, 24 constituents were characterized, by means of extensive preparative chromatographic analyses, along with MS and NMR techniques. An HPLC-PAD-ESI-ITMS and FIA-ESI-IT-MSn method were developed for rapid identification of acylated flavonoids, flavonoid-O- glycosides derivatives of myricetin and quercetin and phenolic acids in the hydroalcoholic M. bella leaves extract. The FIA-ESI-IT-MS techinique is a powerful tool for direct and rapid identification of the constituents after isolation and NMR characterization. Thus, it could be used as an initial method for identification of authentic samples concerning quality control of Myrcia spp extracts. © 2013 by the authors.



Brazilian savanna, Flavonoid-O-glycosides, Medicinal plants, Myrtaceae

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Molecules, v. 18, n. 7, p. 8402-8416, 2013.