Consumo de água em arroz irrigado por inundação em sistema de multiplas entradas

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Rice is the most consumed cereal worldwide and flood irrigation method is the most used due to the agronomic conditions that not only favor higher productivity, but also higher water consumption. The objective of this study was to evaluate water consumption in an irrigation system with multiple inlet distribution in the rice culture. The experiment was developed during crop 2013/14 in the lowland area of the Rural Engineering Department at the School of Agronomical Sciences of São Paulo State University “Júlio de Mesquita Filho”, Campus Botucatu - São Paulo with intermittent flood and water depth of 10 cm. Two treatments were studied, the former called MIRI for the irrigation treatment by distribution of multiple inlet, and the latter CONV for the conventional flooded treatment. The total water consumption in the treatment MIRI was of 1.754,8 mm, which is 8,62 % lower than CONV treatment. The best water use efficiency was obtained with the MIRI treatment had an average of 4,11 kg ha-1 mm-1, being 9,73 % higher than the CONV. Therefore, it can be concluded that the MIRI system is a viable alternative to reduce the use of water rice production.




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IRRIGA, v. 1, n. 1SpecialIssueSpecialEdition-GreatCultures, p. 78-95, 2016.

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