Data summarization in the node by parameters (DSNP): Local data fusion in an IoT environment

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Maschi, Luis F. C. [UNESP]
Pinto, Alex S. R.
Meneguette, Rodolfo I.
Baldassin, Alexandro [UNESP]
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With the advent of the Internet of Things, billions of objects or devices are inserted into the global computer network, generating and processing data at a volume never imagined before. This paper proposes a way to collect and process local data through a data fusion technology called summarization. The main feature of the proposal is the local data fusion, through parameters provided by the application, ensuring the quality of data collected by the sensor node. In the evaluation, the sensor node was compared when performing the data summary with another that performed a continuous recording of the collected data. Two sets of nodes were created, one with a sensor node that analyzed the luminosity of the room, which in this case obtained a reduction of 97% in the volume of data generated, and another set that analyzed the temperature of the room, obtaining a reduction of 80% in the data volume. Through these tests, it has been proven that the local data fusion at the node can be used to reduce the volume of data generated, consequently decreasing the volume of messages generated by IoT environments.
Data fusion, Internet of Things, IoT, Summarization
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Sensors (Switzerland), v. 18, n. 3, 2018.