Avaliação da biocompatibilidade da membrana de acetato de celulose em cães com insuficiência renal aguda submetidos à hemodiálise

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Meneses, Andre Marcelo Conceição
Saito, Mere Erika
Moraes, Carla Cristina Guimarães
De Souza, Nazaré Fonseca
Bastos, Renata Kelly Gonzaga
Luz, Monique Araújo
Dos Santos Seixas, Larissa
Melchert, Alessandra
Caramori, Jacqueline Costa Teixeira [UNESP]
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In order to evaluate the biocompatibility of the membrane of cellulose acetate in dogs with acute renal failure (ARF), undergoing hemodialysis, were used two groups, one consisting of eight normal dogs and the other by eight dogs with ARF induced by gentamicin. Each animal underwent five hemodialysis sessions, with intervals of 24 hours between each one. A significant reduction in urea and creatinine, whereas the other biochemical values were not different between groups, as well as blood pressure, red cell count, white blood cell count and activated clotting time. High levels of TNF-α was found in sick animals, with no detection of this cytokine in normal animals.
Acute renal failure, Biocompatibility, Dogs, Hemodialysis
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Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinaria, v. 36, n. 4, p. 362-366, 2014.