Reference 1D and 2D electrophoresis maps for potential disease related proteins in milk whey from lactating buffaloes and blood serum from buffalo calves (Water buffalo, Bubalus bubalis)

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Santana, André M. [UNESP]
Thomas, Funmilola C.
Silva, Daniela G. [UNESP]
McCulloch, Eilidh
Vidal, Ana M.C.
Burchmore, Richard J.S.
Fagliari, José J. [UNESP]
Eckersall, Peter D.
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The aim of this study was to identify potential disease related proteins in milk whey of lactating buffaloes and blood serum of buffalo calves, in order to define a reference electrophoresis map for 1-DE and 2-DE. Additionally, changes in some protein patterns from buffalo calves during salmonellosis and lactating buffaloes during mastitis are presented. Milk samples were collected and distributed into groups: Milk samples from healthy buffaloes (SCC < 100.000 cells/ml, negative microbiology and CMT) (G1, n = 5) and buffaloes with subclinical mastitis (SCC > 500.000 cells/ml, positive microbiology and CMT) (G2, n = 5). Blood samples from buffalo calves (n = 6) were collected, and three calves were experimentally infected with Salmonella Dublin and samples analyzed before (M0) and 72 h after inoculation (M1). 1-DE was accomplished by loading 10 μg of TP into SDS-PAGE, stained with Coomassie blue. 2-DE was accomplished by loading 200 μg of TP into 11 cm, pH 3–10 non-linear IPG strips, followed by SDS-PAGE, stained with Coomassie blue. Protein bands/spots were excised, subjected to tryptic in-gel digestion and analyzed by LC/ESI-MS/MS. Protein identity was assigned using NCBI databases. After bands/spots from 1-DE and 2-DE were analyzed, a protein map with 35 and 40 different identified proteins in blood serum and milk whey, respectively, was generated. Significant changes in patterns of haptoglobin were observed in buffalo calves with salmonellosis and in patterns of IgLC, β-lactoglobulin and α-lactalbumin of lactating buffaloes during mastitis. The establishment of a protein map for 1-DE and 2-DE, identifying potential disease related proteins, can help to address alterations during diseases in buffaloes.
Acute phase proteins, Haptoglobin, Mastitis, Protein map, Proteomics, Salmonellosis
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Research in Veterinary Science, v. 118, p. 449-465.