Brazilian society of mathematics education, 30 years: Subjects, policies and knowledge production

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Fernandes, Filipe Santos [UNESP]
Valente, Wagner Rodrigues
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The Brazilian Society of Mathematical Education (SBEM) celebrated the 30th anniversary of its founding in 2018. In order to celebrate the date, the VII International Seminar on Research in Mathematical Education (SIPEM), held in November 2018 in Foz do Iguaçu (Paraná, Brazil), organized as one of its activities a roundtable discussion that had as its theme: SBEM and the research in Mathematics Education in Brazil. The interest in recording that activity, based on the recognition of the importance of SBEM for Brazilian Mathematical Education, is the main motivation for the writing of this text. In this article, we develop a discussion about our society's involvement with the construction of a scientific community in Mathematics Education. Based on one of the speeches given at the event, we aim to discuss the SBEM's relationships with teaching mathematics and with the formation of mathematics teachers from historical-political movements that mark the trajectory of the society, particularly the engagement of its subjects with collective responsibilities at different times, including the times yet to come. We hope that the understandings elaborated in this and other texts presented in this round-table discussion, which will be published in other editions of BOLEMA, contribute to share and evaluate our actions as a Society, constituting and thinking our collective memory and our historical accumulation to face the challenges of our time.
Disciplinization, History of mathematics education, Mathematical education, Mathematical educator, Responsibility
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Bolema - Mathematics Education Bulletin, v. 33, n. 63, p. IV-XIX, 2019.