Boundary identification criteria and geometry analysis of Al 7050 stretch zone from elevation profiles

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Hein, LRD
Ammann, J. J.
Nazar, AMM
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Elsevier B.V.
This article describes the development of a method for analysis of the shape of the stretch zone surface based on parallax measurement theory and using digital image processing techniques. Accurate criteria for the definition of the boundaries of the stretch zone are established from profiles of fracture surfaces obtained from crack tip opening displacement tests on Al-7050 alloy samples. The elevation profiles behavior analysis is based on stretch zone width and height parameters. It is concluded that the geometry of the stretch zone profiles under plane strain conditions can be described by a semi-parabolic relationship. (C) Elsevier B.V., 1999. All rights reserved.
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Materials Characterization. New York: Elsevier B.V., v. 43, n. 1, p. 21-26, 1999.