Searches for W ' bosons decaying to a top quark and a bottom quark in proton-proton collisions at 13TeV

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Sirunyan, A. M.
Tumasyan, A.
Adam, W.
Ambrogi, F.
Asilar, E.
Bergauer, T.
Brandstetter, J.
Brondolin, E.
Dragicevic, M.
Eroe, J.

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Searches are presented for heavy gauge bosons decaying into a top and a bottom quark in data collected by the CMS experiment at root s = 13TeV that correspond to an integrated luminosity of 2.2 and 2.6 fb 1 in the leptonic and hadronic analyses, respectively. Two final states are analyzed, one containing a single electron, or muon, and missing transverse momentum, and the other containing multiple jets and no electrons or muons. No evidence is found for a right-handed W' boson (W'(R)) and the combined analyses exclude at 95% confidence level W'(R) with masses below 2.4TeV if M-W'R >> M-vR (mass of the right-handed neutrino), and below 2.6TeV if M-W'R < M-vR. The results provide the most stringent limits for right-handed W' bosons in the top and bottom quark decay channel.



Beyond Standard Model, Hadron-Hadron scattering (experiments)

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Journal Of High Energy Physics. New York: Springer, n. 8, p. 1-42, 2017.