The praxis of working with homeless people in unique system of the social assistance- suas

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This text consists in reporting the work with the homeless in the Unique System of the Social Assistance - SUAS, in a large city, from the praxis of an intercessor- worker who participated in the structuring of the specialized services and in the service territorial network. Although the homeless issue is a recurrent theme of academic research, the reality of the work in the Social Assistance Institution with such a group is rarely addressed. The methodology used in this research was the Intercessor Device, for it being a tool of intercession in the reality of the subjects and the institutional establishments, as well as in the production of knowledge. Considering the protagonism of the subjects involved in this know-how, it will be highlighted, in particular, the reality experienced by a worker, in other words, the troubles and the daily challenges in the structuring of services and network, as much as in the population assistance contributing, in this way, in building a praxis and more effective public policies. It was observed that the performance of the workers has changed from the contact with the population, as in the first stage, the work aimed at approaching and caring the homeless people, in order to rescue them from this condition; in the second stage, the actions of the workers were expanded to the mapping of the territory, for the assistance and the monitoring of the subjects, seeking the construction of possible exit from the streets or the establishment of other ways of inhabiting the social reality.




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