Allegory and modernity in Augusto dos Anjos

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Univ Caxias Sul, Graduate Program Literature Culture & Regions


This essay proposes to show considerations on aspects of modernity of Augusto dos Anjos that are evident in allegoric composition of his poetry. The modernity of Augusto dos Anjos is flagrant especially in his attempt to desenvolve by the violation of the belles lettres's diction his own literary language. As it is sensible to the violent historical dinamics of the country, this language is in line with the aesthetic of shock. We aim to discuss the way that the images of ruins, sickness, exposed corpses are arranged in the poems of Augusto dos Anjos as fragments capable of being recomposed as allegory of a totality that appears shattered, these images at the service of the building of a pathetic mosaic which will reflects the Brazil. From this mosaic emerges the critical consciousness historical which endorses the modernity of Augusto dos Anjos.



Allegory, Modernity, Brazillian poetry

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Antares-letras E Humanidades. Caxias Do Sul: Univ Caxias Sul, Graduate Program Literature Culture & Regions, v. 12, n. 27, p. 21-42, 2020.