Determination of the Optimal Dietary Amino Acid Ratio Based on Egg Quality for Japanese Quail Breeder


The objective of this study was to determine the ideal amino acid ratio for Japanese quail based on egg quality. In total, 120 Japanese quail were used. A completely randomized design was used with 12 treatments and 10 replicates per treatment. The treatments consisted of a balanced protein (BP) and the subsequent 11 diets were obtained by the 40% deletion of the BP a specific test for Lys, Met + Cys, Thr, Trp, Arg, Gly + Ser, Val, Ile, Leu, His, and Phr + Tyr. The trial lasted for 25 days. At the end of the trial, egg weight (EW), albumen height, albumen diameter, albumen index, yolk height, yolk diameter, yolk index, Haugh unit, eggshell weight (ESW), and eggshell percentage were measured. The ideal ratio was calculated when a statistical difference was detected using Dunnett’s test. Only the EW and ESW variables differed from those of BP. The ideal amino acid ratios considering Lys as 100 for EW and ESW were Met + Cys 82 and 83, Thr 60 and 68, Trp 18 and 21, Arg 109 and 112, Gly + Ser 99 and 102, Val 77 and 87, Ile 61 and 67, Leu 155 and 141, His 34 and 37, Phe + Try 134 and 133, respectively.



deletion method, egg weight, fractional reduction, reproduction, shell weight

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Agriculture (Switzerland), v. 13, n. 1, 2023.