Effect of thermal treatment temperature on the crystallinity and morphology of LiTaO3 thin films prepared from polymeric precursor method

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Gonzalez, AHM
Simoes, A. Z.
Zaghete, M. A.
Longo, Elson [UNESP]
Varela, José Arana [UNESP]

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Kluwer Academic Publ


Lithium tantalate thin films (LiTaO3) with (50:50) stoichiometry were prepared by spin coating method using a polymeric organic solution. The films were deposited on silicon (100) substrates with 4 layers. The substrates were previously cleaned and then the solution of lithium tantalate was deposited by adjusting the speed at 5000 rpm. The thin films deposited were thermally treated from 350 to 600degreesC for 3 hours in order to study the influence of the thermal treatment temperature on the crystallinity, microstructure, grain size and roughness of the final film. X-ray diffraction (XRD) results showed that the films are polycrystalline and secondary phases free. The thickness of films was observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The atomic force microscopy (AFM) studies showed that the grain size and roughness are strongly influenced by thermal treatment.



lithium tantalate, thin films, polymeric precursor, crystallinity, morphology

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Journal of Electroceramics. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publ, v. 13, n. 1-3, p. 353-359, 2004.