Architecture for the integration of geographic digital libraries through geoprocessing mechanisms in the context of information science

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Objective: Build a conceptual architecture, with elements for the creation of a Digital Geographic Library, using the patterns and concepts of Information Science in conjunction with Geoprocessing. Methods: Through a theoretical, exploratory and bibliographic study in the areas of Information Science and Geoprocessing, it was possible to develop a conceptual model of architecture for the Digital Geographic Library. The proposal was structured in three layers: The Client, responsible for the visualization process; the Application, which has the management and analysis processes; and the data layer, which includes Web data services, focused on the recovery of metadata, via the PMH protocol (Protocol Metadata Harvesting). Results: The conceptual architecture created met the information representation requirements, the forms of communication with the metadata and digital objects collection protocol, thus enabling the sharing of geographic information collections distributed in different Geographic Digital Libraries around the world. The informational elements focused on Geoprocessing and the thematic and descriptive forms of organization and information retrieval of Information Science confirmed the potential for reciprocal and shared use of concepts and tools from these two areas. Conclusions: The main aspects of the research were: With the implementation of the three layers and four processes, it is possible to use geographic information systems and user interface applications to facilitate the process of sharing and retrieving information. Using the manager and the metadata standard provides accurate information retrieval, along with the unique geo-ontology editor for all participating libraries.




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