Embryos refrozen-thawed by vitrification lead to live births: Case report

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Mauri, Ana L.
Petersen, Claudia G.
Oliveira, João B.A. [UNESP]
Baruffi, Ricardo L.R.
Al-Hasani, Saffa
Franco Junior, Jose Gonçalves [UNESP]

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Objective: To describe two successful cases of utilizing refrozen blastocysts by vitrification derived from supernumerary embryos. Design: Case report. Setting: Private fertility clinic. Subjects: Two infertility couple. Interventions: Refrozen blastocysts by vitrification derived from supernumerary embryos. Main outcome measures: Obstetric and pediatric results. Results: Two pregnancies obtained from refrozen-warmed blastocysts led to two healthy babies being born without clinical or genetic problems. Conclusion: These case reports support the notion of safely repeating cryopreservation. However, despite these favorable results, there is still a need for prospective controlled studies on the obstetric and neonatal repercussions of refreezing and of vitrification in particular. © 2010 Middle East Fertility Society.



Cryopreservation, Frozen embryo transfer, Refrozen embryos, Vitrification, adult, blastocyst, case report, cell cycle phase, cell viability, clinical protocol, cryopreservation, density gradient centrifugation, embryo culture, embryo transfer, female, female infertility, fertilization in vitro, freeze thawing, human, intermethod comparison, live birth, medical history, phase transition, pregnancy outcome, repeat procedure, vitrification

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Middle East Fertility Society Journal, v. 16, n. 1, p. 93-97, 2011.