Monitoring the vertical oscillation of a spray bars through an electronic system

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The aim of the present work was to develop and implement a system for the monitoring of the sprayer bar to obtain measurements of the vertical height of the bar, in order to provide more information at the moment of application and to facilitate its handling. The experiment was carried out at the Experimental Farm Lageado - FCA / UNESP of Botucatu. To perform the spraying, a Honda Fourtrax quadricycle was used, equipped with a 3 m spray bar working at an average speed of 6 km h -1. The tip used in the test was the AIXR11002 and the spacing between nozzles 0.50 m, totaling 6 nozzles. The spray bar was positioned at a height of 0.60 m in relation to the ground and in two situations of terrain: regular (little oscillation of bar) and irregular (much oscillation of bar). In this way, the data were collected by sensors and then sent to the arduino, which is a microcontroller, which can be controlled directly by the computer. In addition, oscillation with and without spraying was tested to test possible problems in the operation of the equipment. Analyzing the interaction of the treatments and working conditions of the sprayer bar with and without obstacles, and with and without spraying, there was no significant difference between treatments 1 compared to treatment 4 in relation to bar height in (cm), in terrain with obstacles. However, treatments (Treatment 2) and (Treatment 3) presented lower vertical oscillations of the bar. With this, in the spraying performed on flatter surfaces, there is less vertical movement of the bar, thus increasing the quality and efficiency of the application. The use of the electronic monitoring system, was efficient for the use during work, being possible to realize the readings of the vertical oscillations of the bar, besides evaluating the temperature and relative humidity of fast and efficient form. In all tests, the results of the readings were similar in each treatment, making clear that the information collected by the system are reliable.




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Tecnologia En Marcha. Cartago: Inst Tecnologico Costa Rica, v. 33, n. 1, p. 80-87, 2020.

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