On designing OTA-C graphic-equalizers with MOSFET-triode transconductors

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A CMOS audio-equalizer based on a parallel-array of 2nd-order bandpass-sections is presented and realized with triode transconductors. It has a programmable 12db-boost/cut on each of its three decade-bands, easily achieved through the linear dependence of gm on VDS. In accordance with a 0.8μm n-well double-metal fabrication process, a range of simulations supports theoretical analysis and circuit performance at different boost/cut scenarios. For VDD=3.3V, fullboosting stand-by prover consumption is 1.05mW. THD=-42.61dB@1Vpp and may be improved by balanced structures. Thermal- and I/f-noise spectral densities are 3.2μV/Hz12 and 18.2μV/Hz12@20Hz, respectively, for a dynamic range of 52.3dB@1Vpp. The equalizer effective area is 2.4mm2. The drawback of the existing transmission-zero due to the feedthrough-capacitance of a triode input-device is also addressed. The proposed topology can be extended to the design of more complex graphic-equalizers and hearing-aids.



Bandpass filters, Electric converters, Energy utilization, MOSFET devices, Spectrum analysis, Thermal noise, Transconductance, Graphic equalizers, Transconductors, Decision feedback equalizers

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Proceedings - IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, v. 1, p. 212-215.