Optimal Power Flow with Voltage-Sensitive Loads in Distribution Networks

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Traditionally, the optimal power flow (OPF) assumes a constant (active and reactive) power load model and thus it neglects the effect of the voltage sensitiveness of power load injections. As a consequence, the results from the OPF may be distorted and lead to suboptimal solutions. This paper proposes an optimal power flow, which seeks to minimize the total active power losses of a distribution network with voltage-sensitive loads. The mathematical model is highly nonlinear and nonconvex due to the ac network constraints and the voltage-sensitive load models. A Tabu Search algorithm capable of handling the non-linearities associated with practical modeling aspects is proposed. Numerical results on a 69-bus distribution test system show the effectiveness of the proposed approach, as well as the impact of the load power injections on the voltage profile of the system.



Distributed generation, optimal power flow, Tabu Search algorithm, voltage-sensitive loads

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2016 Ieee Power And Energy Society General Meeting (pesgm). New York: Ieee, 5 p., 2016.