Working conditions among different professional categories of the hospital area

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Gimenez, Fernanda Vieira
Rocha, Márcia Regina Alves [UNESP]
Chagas, Eduardo Federighi Baisi
Marin, Maria José Sanches
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Objective: to compare the working conditions in relation to demand, control and social support among Nursing, Nutrition, and Hygiene and cleaning professionals. Method: a quantitative study conducted with 227 professionals from a general hospital in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, by applying the Job Content Questionnaire. The SPSS software and statistical tests were used for the analyses. Results: the cleaning professionals presented lower social living conditions, with incomes up to two minimum wages (88.5%); no higher education (98.7%); social classes C/D/E (78.2%); and black or brown skin color (55.2%). There were no significant differences between the teams in relation to the demand. Regarding control, Nursing and Cleaning presented the best and worst working conditions, respectively. Nursing and Nutrition presented the best and worst social support indices, respectively. Conclusion: it was emphasized that it is necessary to implement strategies aimed at improving the working conditions in order to minimize stress and illness.
Professional strain, Social support, Work environment, Work-related Stress, Workers’ health
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