Prevalence of human papillomavirus 6 and 11 variants in recurrent respiratory papillomatosis

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Sichero, Laura
Ferreira, Silvaneide
López, Rossana V. M.
Mello, Barbara P.
Costa, Victor [UNESP]
El-Achkar, Vivian N. R. [UNESP]
Carlos, Román
Ribeiro-Silva, Alfredo
Pignatari, Shirley
Kaminagakura, Estela [UNESP]
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Human papillomavirus (HPV) types 6 and 11 are the etiological agents of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP). We examined the prevalence and distribution of HPVs 6 and 11 genetic variants in juvenile onset (JORRP) and adult onset (AORRP) laryngeal papillomas. Cases of JORRP and AORRP were collected, retrospectively. HPV detection and genotyping were accessed by polymerase chain reaction-sequencing in 67 RRP samples. Overall, the most prevalent HPV-6 variants were from B1 (55.8%) and B3 (27.9%) sublineages, whereas among HPV-11 positive samples A2 (62.5%) variants were predominant. A higher prevalence of HPV-6 B1 was observed in JORRP (83.3% B1 and 16.7% B3), compared with AORRP cases (58.3% B1 and 41.7% B3). HPV-11 A2 variants were more prevalent both in JORRP (57.2%) and in AORRP cases (70.0%). Nevertheless, with the exception that HPV-6 B1 were significantly less likely to recur, there was a lack of association between any particular HPVs 6 or 11 variant and clinicopathological features. Our data do not support an association between HPVs 6 and 11 variability and RRP.
case series, human papillomavirus, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, risk factors, variants
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Journal of Medical Virology, v. 93, n. 6, p. 3835-3840, 2021.