The non-adiabatic hyperspherical approach to the two-dimensional D- ion in the presence of a magnetic field

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Santos, A. S.
De Groote, J. J.
Ioriatti, L.
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Iop Publishing Ltd
We have used the adiabatic hyperspherical approach to determine the energies and wave functions of the ground state and first excited states of a two-dimensional D- ion in the presence of a magnetic field. Using a modified hyperspherical angular variable, potential energy curves are analytically obtained, allowing an accurate determination of the energy levels of this system. Upper and lower bounds for the ground-state energy have been determined by a non-adiabatic procedure, as the purpose is to improve the accuracy of method. The results are shown to be comparable to the best variational calculations reported in the literature.
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Journal of Physics-condensed Matter. Bristol: Iop Publishing Ltd, v. 14, n. 27, p. 6841-6853, 2002.