Associations between single nucleotide polymorphisms and carcass traits in Nellore cattle using high-density panels

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Espigolan, R.
Baldi, F.
Boligon, A. A.
Souza, F. R. P.
Fernandes Junior, G. A.
Gordo, D. G. M.
Venturini, G. C.
Camargo, G. M. F. de
Feitosa, F. L. B.
Garcia, D. A.
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The objective of this study was to evaluate associations between single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers and carcass traits measured postmortem in Nellore cattle. Records of loin eye area (LEA) and backfat thickness (BF) from 740 males and records of hot carcass weight (HCW) from 726 males were analyzed. All of the animals were genotyped using the BovineHD BeadChip. Association analyses were performed by the restricted maximum likelihood method that considered one SNP at a time. Significant SNPs were identified on chromosomes 2 and 6 for LEA and on chromosomes 7, 1, and 2 for BF. For HCW, associations with SNPs were found on chromosomes 13, 14, and 28, in addition to genome regions that were directly related to this trait, such as the EFCAB8 and VSTM2L genes, and to bone development (RHOU). Some SNPs were located in very close proximity to genes involved in basal metabolism (BLCAP, NNAT, CTNNBL1, TGM2, and LOC100296770) and the immune system (BPI).
Beef cattle, Genome, Meat quality, Molecular marker
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Genetics And Molecular Research. Ribeirao Preto: Funpec-editora, v. 14, n. 3, p. 11133-11144, 2015.