Geocodificação de Acidentes Rodoviários para Identificação de Trechos Críticos com Estatística Espacial

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Batistão, Mariana Dias Chaves [UNESP]
Flores, Edilson Ferreira [UNESP]
da Silva, João Fernando Custódio [UNESP]
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Road accidents occur all over the world and end up being a concern to be faced continuously by society and transport safety professionals. The reduction of the number of road accidents is a challenge to society and transportation security managers. State highway accident data from western São Paulo were geocoded so that the Kernel intensity maps were used to identify and locate the critical road segments. The results pointed to a concentration of accidents during the months of school vacations and during nighttime in five municipalities of the region, including Morro do Diabo State Reserve. These outputs will be used to proceed the research on geoestatistics techniques and mobile mapping systems to identify the most probable factors that may contribute to the occurrence of accidents.
Critical sections, Geocoding, Kernel maps, Road accidents
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Anuario do Instituto de Geociencias, v. 40, n. 2, p. 89-97, 2017.