Estudo sobre a origem, uso e distribuição das espécies invasoras e famílias botânicas encontradas nas praças de Cornélio Procópio - PR, Brasil


The aim of the study is to report the origin, uses and distribution of invasive species and plant families found at squares in Cornélio Procópio-PR. For both, there were monthly campaigns identifying families and species, became the photographic record of the plants, following the identification of the species used in different bibliographies to determine the origin, distribution and uses of plants. The results indicated 15 families and 29 species originating mainly of the Americas. The families Asteraceae, Cyperaceae and Euphorbiaceae were the most representative, with plants in all squares evaluated. About use, was prevalent medicinal utility of the family Asteraceae. Already for ornamental and food uses, five families have been identified, but with predominance of Poaceae. We conclude, therefore, that the squares have many useful species for future studies of plant systematic, ecology and biogeography. Moreover, are sources for pharmaceutical studies and the food industry as there are species of interest food, medicine and toxicology.



Green area, Phytogeography, Plant systematics

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Espacios, v. 37, n. 2, 2016.