Quantification of parametric uncertainties induced by irregular soil loading in orchard tower sprayer nonlinear dynamics

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This paper deals with the nonlinear stochastic dynamics of an orchard tower sprayer subjected to random excitations due to soil irregularities. A consistent stochastic model of uncertainties is constructed to describe random loadings and to predict variabilities in mechanical system response. The dynamics is addressed in time and frequency domains. Monte Carlo method is employed to compute the propagation of uncertainties through the stochastic model. Numerical simulations reveals a very rich dynamics, which is able to produce chaos. This numerical study also indicates that lateral vibrations follow a direct energy cascade law. A probabilistic analysis reveals the possibility of large lateral vibrations during the equipment operation.



Karhunen-Loève decomposition, Nonlinear dynamics, Orchard tower sprayer, Parametric probabilistic approach, Uncertainty quantification

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Journal of Sound and Vibration, v. 408, p. 252-269.