Big Data: Aspectos legales y éticos emergentes

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Dias, Guilherme Ataíde [UNESP]
Vieira, Américo Augusto Nogueira

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This article introduces and discusses ethical and legal issues relevant to the Big Data phenomenon. Presents and contextualizes the concept of Big Data. Introduces ethical questions relevant to Big Data as discussed by the author Kord Davis in the book entitled “Ethics of Big Data”. The research methodology is characterized as bibliographic, exploratory and qualitative. In regard to the ethical questions related to Big Data it is understood that these may be addressed by aligning the users’ and organizations’ needs. The legal discussion presents the major challenges for governments and societies and, in particular, relates these challenges with the Brazilian legal system. In the end it is stated that the Brazilian legal system and its institutions should be adequate the various challenges posed by the information age.



Big data, Brazilian legislation, Digital information and communication technologies, Ethics

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Ciencia da Informacao, v. 42, n. 2, p. 174-184, 2013.