Linfoma cutáneo tarsal en gato - Estudio de caso


Lymphoma is the most common lymphoproliferative disorder in cats. Cutaneous lymphoma, however, is a rare form of extranodal lymphoma. Recently, several cutaneous lymphomas at the tarsal region have been reported in cats. As it differs clinically and histopathologically from the common cutaneous lymphoma, it was denominated cutaneous tarsal lymphoma. The present study describes the case of a 13-year-old male domestic longhair cat that presented with a subcutaneous mass, of 30-days evolution, at the tarsal region of the right pelvic limb. Histopathology analysis showed malignant neoplasia of round cells, morphologically suggestive of large cell lymphoma. Immunohistochemistry confirmed the diagnosis of B-immunoblastic lymphoma. Patient was treated with lomustine, and prednisolone with an overall survival time of 2.1 months. The aggressiveness of this feline lymphoma reinforces the need for further studies to understand better the disease progression and to establish improved therapeutic protocols that can increase survival time and improve quality of life of these patients.



Feline, Lomustine, Metastasis, Neoplasm (Source: DeCS)

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Revista MVZ Cordoba, v. 22, n. 1, p. 5747-5754, 2017.