A semi-supervised learning algorithm for relevance feedback and collaborative image retrieval

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Guimarães Pedronette, Daniel Carlos [UNESP]
Calumby, Rodrigo T.
Torres, Ricardo da S.

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The interaction of users with search services has been recognized as an important mechanism for expressing and handling user information needs. One traditional approach for supporting such interactive search relies on exploiting relevance feedbacks (RF) in the searching process. For large-scale multimedia collections, however, the user efforts required in RF search sessions is considerable. In this paper, we address this issue by proposing a novel semi-supervised approach for implementing RF-based search services. In our approach, supervised learning is performed taking advantage of relevance labels provided by users. Later, an unsupervised learning step is performed with the objective of extracting useful information from the intrinsic dataset structure. Furthermore, our hybrid learning approach considers feedbacks of different users, in collaborative image retrieval (CIR) scenarios. In these scenarios, the relationships among the feedbacks provided by different users are exploited, further reducing the collective efforts. Conducted experiments involving shape, color, and texture datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach. Similar results are also observed in experiments considering multimodal image retrieval tasks.



Collaborative image retrieval, Content-based image retrieval, Recommendation, Relevance feedback, Semi-supervised learning

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Eurasip Journal on Image and Video Processing, v. 2015, n. 1, 2015.