Analysis of catalytic potential of a new heterogeneous catalyst in the preparation of biodiesel

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Storti, Fernando [UNESP]
Nobre, Marcos A. L. [UNESP]
Lanfredi, Silvania [UNESP]
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In this work was investigated the catalytic potential of a new heterogeneous catalyst of stoichiometry Ca0.5K0.5TiCu0.25O3, with double perovskite structure, in the preparation of biodiesel via ethylic route. The catalyst was synthesized by the Polyol Modified method and characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry. The investigation of the catalytic activity was carried out from transesterification reaction of commercial soybean oil with ethyl alcohol. Single-phase and crystalline powders related to the CaTiO3 phase were obtained with an average crystallite size at around 17.25 nm. The new catalyst showed high efficiency for the production of biodiesel via heterogeneous catalysis with a yield at around 97%, with reaction time of 8 hours at 78°C and 15% of catalyst mass in relation to the soybean oil mass.
Biodiesel, Double perovskite, Heterogeneous catalysis
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Materials Science Forum, v. 912 MSF, p. 207-211.