Integrated planning of electric power distribution networks

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Cossi, Antônio Marcos
Mantovani, José Roberto Sanches [UNESP]
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In this work, a heuristic model for integrated planning of primary distribution network and secondary distribution circuits is proposed. A Tabu Search (TS) algorithm is employed to solve the planning of primary distribution networks. Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) are used to solve the planning model of secondary networks. The planning integration of both networks is carried out by means a constructive heuristic taking into account a set of integration alternatives between these networks. These integration alternatives are treated in a hierarchical way. The planning of primary networks and secondary distribution circuits is carried out based on assessment of the effects of the alternative solutions in the expansion costs of both networks simultaneously. In order to evaluate this methodology, tests were performed for a real-life distribution system taking into account the primary and secondary networks.
Electric power distribution system, Evolutionary algorithms, Power flow, Secondary circuits, Constructive heuristic, Distribution circuits, Electric power, Electric power distribution systems, Heuristic model, Integrated planning, Life distribution, Planning models, Power flows, Primary distribution networks, Secondary circuit, Secondary networks, Tabu search algorithms, Distributed parameter networks, Electric load distribution, Electric power distribution, Electric power supplies to apparatus, Electric power transmission, Tabu search, Thermoelectric equipment
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IEEE Latin America Transactions, v. 7, n. 2, p. 203-210, 2009.