Characterization of superconducting BSCCO/CaSiO3 and BSCCO/CaZrO3 Ag PIT wires

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Nogueira, Natacha Andréia
Yonamine, Anne Hitomi
Santos, Dayse Iara dos [UNESP]
Kim, Jung Ho
Dou, Shi Xue

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The addition of two compounds, calcium silicate and calcium zirconate was tested, in the preparation of Bi: 2212 silver sheathed wires by powder-in-tube method, which were successfully tested previously in processing chips. The wires were treated in an atmosphere of O2/Ar using partial melting method. The characterizations were structural and on their electrical and magnetic properties. As the results, transition temperatures were higher than the expected for this stage, ranged from 105K (BSCCO880) to 116K (+Si883). The critical current densities encountered in transport and magnetization measurements were improved in comparison with the wires without addition.



BSCCO Wire, CaSiO3 addition to BSCCO, CaZrO3 addition to BSCCO, Electrical measurements, Magnetic measurements, Microstructure, Superconductor

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Advanced Materials Research, v. 975, p. 106-110, 2014.