Analysis of information competency through the transition from paper-based to electronic medical records

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Currently, organizations experience a vast context of data systematization, information exchange, and knowledge building in a dense and fast pace. However, in many cases, one does not become aware of the aspects of great relevance to the ability of the employee to deal daily with this context of large informational volume. In view of this scenario, this study aims to analyze the information competence of the employees of a Basic Health Unit through the transition of the paper-based record to the electronic patient record. The purpose is to investigate the impact of this transition for these professionals and their levels of competence in information. For that, a descriptive-exploratory study of a qualitative nature was carried out, using as a data collection instrument the semi-structured interview. The results showed that it is the custom of professionals to not evaluate the accuracy of the information retrieved and that the correction of informational errors is not a practice, since professionals are adapted to the disorganization and lack of management of the physical record, even knowing the harmful effects Of information loss, and thus, this situation can migrate to the practices of using the electronic medical record as well. Finally, it was verified that the transition from paper-based to electronic records modifies some cultural aspects in the organization and that the adaptation of the employees becomes difficult, since they do not have sufficient levels of information competence for the effective use of the informational bases that appear in the searched unit.




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Revista Cubana de Informacion en Ciencias de la Salud, v. 28, n. 4, 2017.

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