Reconstruction and in silico analysis of new Marinobacter adhaerens t76_800 with potential for long-chain hydrocarbon bioremediation associated with marine environmental lipases

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Lopes, Erica Mendes [UNESP]
Fernandes, Camila Cesário [UNESP]
de Macedo Lemos, Eliana G. [UNESP]
Kishi, Luciano Takeshi [UNESP]
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Marinobacter is a Gammaproteobacterium and member of the family Alteromonadaceae. Some Marinobacter species degrade hydrocarbons and aromatic compounds, raising the possibility of applications in marine bioremediation. Using draft metagenome-assembled genomes from environmental DNA, it was possible to obtain the genome of Marinobacter adhaerens t76_800, from samples obtained during the Tara Oceans expedition. The 4,478,190 bp genome did not contain a plasmid. The genome contained 5580 genes and 49 RNAs. In silico analysis confirmed the presence of genes involved in bioremediation, lipases, as well as defense mechanisms. This microorganism has biotechnological potential and may be useful in bioremediation.
Bacteriocins, Biotechnological applications, Ectonies, Hydrocarbons degradation, Marine environment
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Marine Genomics.