Development of a Relational Database Oriented on the Common Information Model for Power Distribution Networks

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De Barros, Joao Victor [UNESP]
Leite, Jonatas B. [UNESP]
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Over the years and the evolution of electrical power systems, there has been a need to design and plan distribution systems with interconnected networks, that are operated by several electricity utilities. These operations use many data, which are stored in the databases of each company with different formats. To establish a standardization of these data and facilitate the exchange of information, the research group called 'Electric Power Research Institute (ERPI)' published a standard data model, the 'Common Information Model (CIM) for Distribution', which is a combination between the IEC 61970-301 and IEC 61968-11 standards. In this work, the electrical power distribution system is described through the standard CIM, with the aiding of the Enterprise Architect
CIM, data, interconnection, RDF, XML
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2021 IEEE URUCON, URUCON 2021, p. 63-66.