Study of abrasive cutting of natural quartz for manufacturing piezoelectric power generators

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The present study is related with the dicing of natural quartz crystals as part of the process manufacturing of a power generator device. Power generation is important, mainly for wifi systems, which use of batteries is restrictive or impossible due short dimensions and difficult of maintenance. The manufacturing dicing process applied in micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) is the main reference for this study, which objective is explores different parameters of dicing process and the impact of it in the final performance of the generator. Failure impregnation and productivity were study in blade and band saw process with different parameters as speed and cutting force. The natural quartz was selected mainly because availability in Brazil and piezoelectric properties. It was obtained substrates AT cutting plan with thickness of 2.5mm and width of 3mm. The material was tested under compressive stress and the correspondent electric signal was obtained.



Abrasive cut, Band saw, Dicing saw, Energy harvesting quartz

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Materials Science Forum, v. 912 MSF, p. 234-239.