Casimir energy in a small volume multiply connected static hyperbolic preinflationary universe

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Müller, Daniel
Fagundes, Helio V. [UNESP]
Opher, Reuven
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A few years ago, Cornish, Spergel and Starkman (CSS) suggested that a multiply connected small universe could allow for classical chaotic mixing as a preinflationary homogenization process. The smaller the volume, the more important the process. Also, a smaller universe has a greater probability of being spontaneously created. Previously DeWitt, Hart and Isham (DHI) calculated the Casimir energy for static multiply connected flat space-times. Because of the interest in small volume hyperbolic universes (e.g., CSS), we generalize the DHI calculation by making a numerical investigation of the Casimir energy for a conformally coupled, massive scalar field in a static universe, whose spatial sections are the Weeks manifold, the smallest universe of negative curvature known. In spite of being a numerical calculation, our result is in fact exact. It is shown that there is spontaneous vacuum excitation of low multipolar components. ©2001 The American Physical Society.
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Physical Review D, v. 63, n. 12, 2001.