Characterization of collagen fibers (I, III, IV) and elastin of normal and neoplastic canine prostatic tissues

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Calderón, Luis Gabriel Rivera [UNESP]
Kobayashi, Priscila Emiko [UNESP]
Vasconcelos, Rosemeri Oliveira [UNESP]
Fonseca-Alves, Carlos Eduardo [UNESP]
Laufer-Amorim, Renée [UNESP]

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This study aimed to investigate collagen (Coll-I, III, IV) and elastin in canine normal prostate and prostate cancer (PC) using Picrosirius red (PSR) and Immunohistochemical (IHC) analysis. Eight normal prostates and 10 PC from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded samples were used. Collagen fibers area was analyzed with ImageJ software. The distribution of Coll-I and Coll-III was approximately 80% around prostatic ducts and acini, 15% among smooth muscle, and 5% surrounding blood vessels, in both normal prostate and PC. There was a higher median area of Coll-III in PC when compared to normal prostatic tissue (p = 0.001 for PSR and p = 0.05 for IHC). Immunostaining for Coll-IV was observed in the basal membrane of prostate acini, smooth muscle, blood vessels, and nerve fibers of normal and PC samples. Although there was no difference in Coll-IV area between normal tissue and PC, tumors with Gleason score 10 showed absence of Coll-IV, when compared to scores 6 and 8 (p = 0.0095). Elastic fibers were found in the septa dividing the lobules and around the prostatic acini of normal samples and were statistically higher in PC compared to normal tissue (p = 0.00229). Investigation of ECM components brings new information and should be correlated with prognosis in future studies.



Dog, Extracellular matrix, Immunohistochemistry, Picrosirius, Prostatic tissue

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Veterinary Sciences, v. 6, n. 1, 2019.