Aesthetic rehabilitation of oligodontia in primary dentition with adhesive partial denture

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Correia, Marilia Ferreira [UNESP]
Nogueira, Marianne Nicole Marques [UNESP]
Bedran, Telma Blanca [UNESP]
Spolidorio, Denise Madalena Palomari [UNESP]

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The primary teeth are essential for bone development and establishment of the arches on occlusion. Thus, the congenitally absence of teeth may trigger a shift in the balance of the occlusion, promoting disharmony in the structures of the maxilla-mandibular system. However, some interventions are possible to be performed in these cases even in pediatric patients, to redirect growth, preventing growth deviations and reestablishing the aesthetic. The aim of this paper is to report the treatment of a 4-year-old child presenting congenitally absence of mandibular central and lateral incisors and maxilla lateral incisors, which consequently compromises aesthetics, occlusal function, and the development and the functional growth of the bones. The oral rehabilitation was performed with an adhesive partial denture, which was able to restore the aesthetic and the occlusal function, therefore being a viable alternative in the treatment of this patient of little age.



Oligodontia, Primary Dentition, Adhesive

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Case Reports in Dentistry, v. 2013, p. 1-4, 2013.