Urban water supply and the changes in the precipitation patterns in the metropolitan area of São Paulo – Brazil

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Lima, Gabriela Narcizo de
Lombardo, Magda Adelaide [UNESP]
Magaña, V.
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The Metropolitan Area of Sao Paulo presents today one of the most critical situations in Brazil with regard to ensuring sufficient water supply in quantity and quality to its population. Declining water resources coupled with increased demand for clean water has already become a political issue in many localities. This study aimed to examine whether climate changes (especially in rainfall) resulting from the urbanization process are related to the urban water supply problems detected in the MASP, or whether they are due to poor management and the rapid growth of cities. Broadly, what can be concluded from the results of this research is that they indicate that there are signs of urbanization effects on the behavior of rainfall in the MASP. It was also identified that the averages of the volumes stored in the reservoirs that supply the MASP did not have a default behavior, even in similar weather conditions, suggesting the need for improvements in the systems.
Metropolitan area of Sao Paulo, Rainfall, Urban climate, Water supply
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Applied Geography, v. 94, p. 223-229.