Influence of storage period of pieces in stiffness of <i>pinus elliottii</i> Glulam Beams

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Christoforo, André L.
Lahr, Francisco Antonio Rocco
Chahud, Eduardo
Branco, Luiz A. Melgaço N.
Battistelle, Rosane Aparecida Gomes [UNESP]
Valarelli, Ivaldo De Domenico
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This study aimed to investigate the influence of storage time (0, 48 hours) of Pinus elliottii pieces and the tests to obtaining modulus of elasticity (static bending and transversal vibration) in glued laminated timber beams, produced with resorcinol based adhesive and 0.8 MPa compaction pressure. After pieces were properly prepared, part of them was used in immediate three manufacturing glulam beams, tested after adhesive cure, and part stored for 48 hours under a roof with a temperature of 25°C and relative humidity of 60% for subsequent manufacturing and testing three other glulam beams. Results of analysis of variance (ANOVA) revealed that the storage period was significant influence in modulus of elasticity obtained in static bending test (8% reduction from 0 to 48 hours). This not occurred with modulus of elasticity obtained by transversal vibration test (no significant influence). ANOVA results showed equivalence of means in both test procedures. New researches ire needed to better understand the investigated phenomenon, using new wood species, other storage conditions and a great number of samples.
Estocagem, Madeira laminada colada, Rigidez, Vibração transversal
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Advanced Materials Research, v. 1025-1026, p. 64-67, 2014.