An Improved Framework for Quantum Gravity

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General relativity has two fundamental problems that render it unsuitable for tackling the gravitational field's quantization. The first problem is the lack of a genuine gravitational variable representing gravitation only, inertial forces apart. The second problem is its incompatibility with quantum mechanics, a problem inherited from the more fundamental conflict of special relativity with quantum mechanics. A procedure to overcome these difficulties is outlined, which amounts to replacing general relativity with its teleparallel equivalent and the Poincare-invariant special relativity with the de Sitter-invariant special relativity. Those replacements give rise to the de Sitter-modified teleparallel gravity, which does not have the two mentioned problems. It can thus be considered an improved alternative approach to quantum gravity.



teleparallel gravity, de Sitter special relativity, quantum gravity

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Universe. Basel: Mdpi, v. 6, n. 12, 13 p., 2020.