Implant rehabilitation in bruxism patient

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Goiato, Marcelo Coelho [UNESP]
Sonego, Mariana Vilela [UNESP]
Santos, Daniela Micheline dos [UNESP]
Silva, Emily Vivianne Freitas da [UNESP]
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A white female patient presented to the university clinic to obtain implant retained prostheses. She had an edentulous maxillary jaw and presented three teeth with poor prognosis (33, 34 and 43). The alveolar bone and the surrounding tissues were healthy. The patient did not report any relevant medical history contraindicating routine dental treatment or implant surgery, but self-reported a dental history of asymptomatic nocturnal bruxism. The treatment plan was set and two Branemark protocols supported by six implants in each arch were installed after a 6-month healing period. A soft occlusal splint was made due to the patient's history of bruxism, and the lack of its use by the patient resulted in an acrylic fracture. The prosthesis was repaired and the importance of using the occlusal splint was restated. In the 4-year follow-up no fractures were reported.
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BMJ Case Reports, v. 2014, 2014.