Endoscopic Endonasal Approach to Foramen Magnum Meningioma-Technical Note and Case Example

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Romero, Flavio Ramalho [UNESP]
Vieira, Rodolfo Brum
Ancheschi, Bruno da Costa

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Georg Thieme Verlag Kg


Foramen magnum (FM) tumors represent one of the most complex cases for the neurosurgeon, due to their location in a very anatomically complex region surrounded by the brainstem and the lower cranial nerves, by bony elements of the craniocervical junction, and by the vertebrobasilar vessels. Currently, the open approach of choice is a lateral extension of the posteriormidline approach including far lateral, and extremelateral routes. However, the transoraltranspharyngeal approach remains the treatment of choice in cases of diseases affecting the craniocervical junction. For very selective cases, the endoscopic endonasal route to this region is another option. We present a case of a ventral FM meningioma treated exclusively with the endoscopic endonasal approach.



foramen magnum meningioma, craniocervical junction, endoscopic endonasal approach

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Brazilian Neurosurgery-arquivos Brasileiros De Neurocirurgia. Stuttgart: Georg Thieme Verlag Kg, v. 37, n. 4, p. 362-366, 2018.