The influence of daily application of fluoride products on subsurface bovine enamel lesions stored in saliva substitutes

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Zandim-Barcelos, Daniela Leal [UNESP]
Tschoppe, Peter
Sampaio, José Eduardo Cezar [UNESP]
Kielbassa, Andrej M.

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Mosher & Linder, Inc


Purpose: To evaluate in the laboratory the effects of daily fluoride applications on remineralization of subsurface bovine enamel lesions stored in different saliva substitutes. Methods: Enamel specimens were prepared (n = 144) and demineralized (subsurface lesions; 37 degrees C; pH 4.95; 10 days). Before and after demineralization, specimen surfaces were partly covered with nail varnish (control of sound/demineralized enamel). The specimens were either stored (5 weeks; 37 degrees C) in mineral water (W, control, S(OCP) 0.7, pH 7.0), Glandosane (G, S(OCP) 0.3, 5.2), or modified Saliva Natura (SN, S(OCP) 2.0, pH 5.98), and were submitted to the following treatments twice daily: (0) no treatment; (ES) immersion in pure Elmex Sensitive mouthrinse (10 minutes); (D) brushing with Duraphat toothpaste/storage solution slurry (5 seconds + contact time 115 seconds; ratio 1:3); (ES+D) combination of ES and D treatments. Mineral parameters before and after storage/treatment were evaluated from microradiographs. Results: Specimens stored in G showed significantly higher demineralization compared to the other solutions (P< 0.05, ANOVA, Tukey's post hoc test); the combined treatment with fluoride products significantly reduced the demineralizing effect of G. After 2 and 5 weeks, specimens stored in SN revealed a higher remineralization compared to the control solution (P< 0.05). Daily application of fluoride products did not promote an additional effect on remineralization of specimens stored in SN (P> 0.05). (Am J Dent 2011;24:277-283).



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American Journal of Dentistry. Weston: Mosher & Linder, Inc, v. 24, n. 5, p. 277-283, 2011.