Relação entre conduta, conhecimento sexual e uso de preservativo entre alunos e professores do Ensino Médio

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de Campos, Thaís Emília [UNESP]
Martins, Raul Aragão [UNESP]
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Objective: Describe data on sexual knowledge, focusing on the relation between HIV/AIDS knowledge and condom use by high school teachers and students from a public school ofaninner city at São Paulo state. Methods: Quantitative study using a closed questionnaire with the participation of 31 teachers, seven multipliers students and 189 students, totaling 227 subjects. Results: The data analysis showed that 59.5% of the interviewed are sexually active; the predominant age of first intercourse among multipliers was15.5 years, among the student group was 14.24 years and among teachers was 19.85 years. The average of sexual relations is 4.7 per month among students, two among multipliers and 3.2 between teachers. Regarding the use of condoms during the first sexual intercourse, the students were the ones who used the most in relation to the other groups.Onthe matter of the level of knowledge about STD/AIDS, teachers correctly answered the most questions, which did not occur to student answers. Conclusion: This survey indicated that sexual knowledge is not always related to a preventive practice. Therefore, it´s necessary to reflect about the relation of knowledge and sexual conduct, and deepen the study regarding the non-use of condoms.
Condoms, Knowledge, Sex education
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Adolescencia e Saude, v. 14, n. 1, p. 37-44, 2017.